Who Do You Think Will Be The Next Celebrity Elusive Target? (Celeb ETs Wishlist Thread)

The lower layer of the joke is that I don’t know of any actual true crime people who can be considered celebrities, only celebrities who act as crime people.

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Kinda like the sniper comp that rewarded 3 players with personalized NPCs in Haven.


They did do an Easter egg in Miami where someone does an impersonation of him if you kill everyone on the map, so it’s not that far of a stretch.


I didn’t really think of it as an actual crime researcher, but I thought that it would be making fun of them, as did The Disruptor, when they make fun of influencers boxing, where they box with actual pros (such as Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, or Creator Clash).

It would be a nice idea a series of celebrity elusive targets with the nationality of every map. Just to make some examples, the italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino for Sapienza; Christoph Waltz for Berlin (he’s austrian but he has also german citizenship); Jean Reno for Paris; Hideo Kojima for Hokkaido (just to mention a famous japanese guy, because I don’t remember now the names of some actor born in Japan); the scottish Gerard Butler for Isle of Sgail; Peter Jackson for New Zealand; Chow Yun-fat for Chongqing; Kabir Bedi for India (but maybe he’s more famous in Italy than in his native country).
I know it’s just fantasy that never could be realized (too much money would be necessary), but it’s just to let imagination work.

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My fantasy is Embracer Group CEO, Isle of Sgail.

Well, this is the closest. Everytime I KO this guy and put him in the nearby closet I always think; “Is this supposed to be Hideo Kojima?” :sweat_smile: