Why Bomb in Slaying a Dragon?

in SAD you can find a bomb in an apartment and put it on the targets car, why would you use this method besides curiosity?
it is very impractical and it seems that he never(?) gets in his car until you create a panic. is there a smart way to cause the panic?
(I found myself going to the sniper room and shooting his feet to panic him)
also is it possible to get SA with this method?
I found after I detonate it, all guards are alerted by me no matter my outfit.

If I remember correctly they end their meeting shortly after you plant the carbomb.


that’s interesting, I waited about 10 minutes

Best use for the bomb is if you wanna kill the Red Dragon fella with a pistol or fiber wire. Detonate his car and the Blue Lotus will flee. The Red Dragon negotiator will go to the last room at the apartament complex where you planted the bomb. Here you can kill him at your hearts content.


Only issue with that is he counts as an ‘Alert’ when you enter the room

You can wait him in the room before he even arrives. Takes his sweet time getting to there.


Sometimes the scripted kill methods don’t always result in SA. They are there for fun and make sense as an option. Use it bc it’s fun and don’t worry about the alert (=

PS I still don’t understand how the car bombs in KirovPark result in an SA rating, but H2SA has some unusual things built into the ratings :joy:


Because its the coolest way to do this mission :grinning:


Have you forgotten the radio tower double snipe? Yes it alerts the nearby soldiers and it takes a while to get there but it’s one of my favourite sniper kills in the series.


I like this one a lot too, but i always go for the carbomb. I love that you get SA with both approaches.
I think in general the ratings system of the old Games make them feel less restricted as the new ones, even when those have undeniable way more options.


I enjoy a doing a combo. Sniping Kubasko, making Makarov flee and go boom when he thinks he´s safe :blush:


seems this false.
I’ve tried many times now on both PC and PS3,
I plant the bomb and the meeting just keeps on repeating,
walking in circles and taking tea breaks.

Yup I did this and got Silent Assassin

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It’s possible they do end their meeting after you plant the bomb, but definitely not shortly after. I know in Bjarkhov Bomb you have to wait around 30 real minutes to have Fuchs meet up with Bjarkhov and get on the jeep.

I tried setting the time multiplier cheat to game-breaking speeds for like 15 minutes but got nothing :confused:


Ah yes, my favorite Contracts mission to hate now gave me another reason :relieved:


You like blood money, so your tolerance for shit must be high enough so Contracts couldn’t possibly bother you :thinking:


That sort of bait ain’t gonna work on me :stuck_out_tongue:


imo Bjarkhov Bomb is the worst mission in the whole series, it has a cool aesthetic but the way it’s put together seems that they purposely wanted to make a very deranged level.

why don’t you like it?
it brought back quite a few cool things from Codename47 and the sandboxy levels and abilities were done perfectly imo.
for me it pretty much ties with Contracts as the best entry.

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Here’s a few steps I usually take for beating this level using the bomb.

1: Make sure guards are facing away from the car.
2: Retrieve and plant bomb on the car.
3: Get the gardener disguise from the top floor of the apartment and go to park.
4: Wait until Red Dragon Negotiator is alone.
5: After making sure no one else is looking, briefly take out fiber wire in front of the Red Dragon Negotiator then holster it immediately.
6: Red Dragon Negotiator retreats to his car without telling the guards.
7: As the Red Dragon Negotiator is about to exit the map, detonate the explosive to take him out (doing so too soon alerts the helicopter).


It´s Russia, so car explosions is normal. :grinning:


Using the car bombs in Kirov Park gets you SA because nobody saw you and no shots were fired. H2SA is bizarrely focused on shots fired for their ratings.

It’s also canon to me because I’m of Irish descent.