Why don't they fix the GLITCHES?

There has been a few glitches in the game and thinking about them just makes me disappointed. I’ll show here the ones i know with video references and if you know more please add.
The question is, why don’t they just fix them?

  1. Tranquilizer Glitch.
    Shooting the target while being in the tranquilizer animation will not end up losing Silent Assassin rating.
    abusing Tranq glitch |hitman 3 - YouTube

  2. Weapon Lure Glitch.
    HITMAN 3 How To Do The "Gun Trick/Weapon Lure" Glitch - YouTube

  3. Body/Triple Shot Glitch. (The worst one in my opinion.)
    When you body shot NPCs, they will be blind of your crimes, either if you are carrying a gun or you are trespassing, or … .They will become completely blind. The triple shot makes the same effect.
    HITMAN 3. Colorado. SASO. Poison Only. (2:29) - YouTube
    HITMAN 3 - Easy Santa Fortuna SA/SO Route in 1:40 - 1:44 - YouTube

  4. Wall-Hacks in Haven Island and Mendoza.
    HITMAN 3: Yates Wall-Hack To Watch Out For On Drownings - YouTube
    Couldn’t find a good link for Haven but everyone knows about that.

  5. Violin/Muffin/Brick/… Boost. (Definitely a glitch in my opinion)
    It can be used for two goals and both are in this link.
    Hitman™ 3 - [45s] The Farewell (Mendoza) SA speedrun - YouTube

  6. The Blinding Trick.
    What actually happens is that by millisecond aiming at the Target (or any other crime) the VIP GUARDS go blind and you can even perform illegal actions right in front of them.
    Hitman™ 3 - [32s] Sapienza SA Speedrun - YouTube
    Hitman 3: Colorado Poison Only in 1:29 SA WR (Consistent) - YouTube


Why does the world not simply end world hunger?
Because it is not simple but a huge deal. :wink:


I agree. Even tho I am a user of some of these in my speedruns, I find that I don’t feel as satisfied when I can do it legit.

I’m sure some people will say “well don’t use it.” Well true, but to speedrun, you need to use the fastest possible route and tricks.

Even when I don’t do speedruns, I find that these tactics ruin the true creativity the game has to offer, like the ability to get an npc on another part of the map.

For example 1: in hitman 2016, I saw a video where a player made the chameleon Elusive Target leave the house where he is stationed, and get to the middle of the farm where a flying haystack killed him. The kill was amazing. Probably top3 of all time in this franchise, but the setting up of moving the target there was the cheesiest ever done (coin glitch, which was actually fixed in hitman 2).

But then example 2: in hitman 2, I made a video where I did SA/SO, no ko, and drowned Reza Zaydan in a toilet. I was very satisfied in figuring out how to get reza to a toilet without glitching at all. I just used the game mechanics and features to route and strategize. Now with the gun lure, it’s so easy to get reza to a toilet. So the creativity of the game is literally flushed down the toilet. All pun intended. Haha.

If anyone wants to see how I did it, here’s the video. HITMAN™ 2: Contract - The Zaydan Aquaculture | SA/SONKO - YouTube

And since the coin lure was fixed to move npcs across an entire map, the gun lure took over and is actually faster.

I just find that if EVERYONE was on the same playing field, then the leaderboards would actually be justified (other than cheaters, of course) and make the game feel better to play as it would be played as intended.

But I think the devs have actually given up fixing glitches for this game, well at least these types of ones. They are very difficult, for one, and take up too much time for them to do it which they don’t have, especially with the end cycle of this game and the current situation of ioi developing 007.

That’s my opinion, to say the least.


They’ve actually answered this one during one of the live streams in the H2-era.

At the time it was said that fixing this would break a lot of stuff in the game that fixing the tranq glitch as well as all the issues the fix would cause wasn’t worth it. From memory, though I could be wrong, this was also around the time they finally fixed the issues with the Silent Assassin “rules” that were broken in H2 for awhile so it’s probably linked to that and so understandably they wouldn’t have been keen to rip that apart after finally getting it back to where it needed to be.


I completely agree with, and also i think you understood what was my point. Too sad that they are still in the game. Thanks for sharing with us your idea and beautiful video.

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I personally believe that tranq glitch is not a big deal and not a big disappointment. But the body/triple shot one and the boost ones really are arrows to hitman lovers heart. Because the philosophy behind Hitman game from the beginning and I believe from Hitman: Codename 47 was to fully experience assassinating target(s) with the most realistic ways and in most realistic situations. You are actually in the body of agent 47 who, indeed, has no superhuman features and skills. He is just a pro assassin and can shoot very precisely or walk on edges or climb a pipe or … And so on. Nothing unreal really. Because of these the game always felt real and always made you feel like a real assassin in A REAL WORLD. But, man, these glitches just ruins everything and that BEING REAL FEELING.


Someone playing with this philosophy shouldn’t be encountering any situations where these glitches would come up in the first place. See my thread about my play style for more details.

Now, you know what the answer to this is, don’t you?

Oh, never mind, I can’t help you.


You seem very WORKED UP about these particular glitches. Let it go man, it’s your choice.


Honestly I think 47saso47 is right here. I completely understand what he is talking about.

Oh, never mind, I can’t help you.

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I don’t. Can you elaborate please?

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I’m sorry, I meant you, I made a big mistake. I corrected it now.

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Because they’re hard to fix, I suspect. The first two are exploits to do with how the AI reacts to very specific scenarios. The former is because the game doesn’t transition from alive to sedated immediately (unlike with the sieker), and has a gap where the new S/A rules introduced into H2 take effect.

Wall hacks happen because of very tiny gaps in the geometry. As you might expect, finding them is a PITA, and to the credit of IOI, they’ve actively asked people to send them specific places of where this happens. Haven is most affected due to NPC sightcones being increased.

And there are fixes in the game for this. Dubai had a bathroom where NPC’s could see through, and IOI added an AI behaviour where if something is in another room, they’ll get curious, but won’t investigate, which semi-fixes the issue.

As for the boosting, this is an engine exploit to do with how the games’ physics engine works. Again, not something that can be so easily fixed. And considering how niche the tactic is, as well as having dubious value, I don’t really see the motivation for IOI to fix it.

Fun sidenote: The weapon lure glitch is banned in a bunch of tournaments because of how OP it is.


I think we all have the same opinion about triple/body shot being the most annoying one. I think the easy solution is to lose SA rating when you body shot a non-target, or when triple shot near NPCs (so they will know your location), which makes sense.

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I don’t even know what this glitch is, nor saw what it was supposed to be in the video. Can you give a detailed description?


Sure. So when you body shot NPCs, they will be blind of your crimes, either if you are carrying a gun or you are trespassing, or … .They will become completely blind. The triple shot makes the same effect. An example:

Time 00:36
The guards went blind, because of the body shot.

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Another very fine example:

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Ok, yeah, I go back to my original statement on that. If you’re using such a method, you’re not playing Hitman as Hitman, so it doesn’t really matter. If you’re playing seriously, as the character of Agent 47, following a method of play that is anything at all similar to my HPP, then you wouldn’t even be creating a situation where this would be used in the first place.

Those who are speedrunning :roll_eyes: can use this to their hearts’ content; those who are playing Hitman, this is a no-no from the get-go, so it’s a non-factor.

Like this: 3 shots and the guards go blind. I’m literally trespassing with a gun in my hand.


Apart from the tranq glitch and the wall-hacking NPCs in Haven, I really don’t see what the fuss is about with these.
They’re speedrunning tactics, they push the game’s systems to its limits, and sometimes it breaks. But these only happen if you go out looking for them in the first place! You won’t see 47 walking over ledges and falling 4 stories unhamed unless you willingly do it. Same as the triple-shot or any other tactic.

Just don’t look at speedrunning videos and you won’t even encounter those.

The other two I mentioned… yeah… probably should be fixed.


I enjoy speed running and I find it annoying. Haha.

I just think everyone should play on the same playing field. Nothing wrong with that.