Why is Chongqing so cramped?

I probably talk a little too much about this map. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to love Chongqing. It has one of the best atmospheres of the trilogy, and the visuals are astounding.

But it’s soooooo small. I can understand all the other maps’ sizes, as they’re smaller than before but still relatively big. But Chongqing?

This is a picture of Chongqing on HITMAPS(and yes, I know it’s unfinished). It’s only the ground floor but look at the size.

This is a picture of Miami:

And this is a picture of Mumbai:

I know it’s unfair as Chongqing is more of a vertical map, but still.
What happened? Just let us go into a few more buildings and I guarantee you people will love it more.

The red is the building that I think we should be able to go in. Yes, they do have accessible rooftops, but still. Imagine if the lower right building was also part of Hush’s building, and he had a different project going on in there?
The pink are the buildings that would have been nice, but wouldn’t be necessary.


Yeah, The Block and the ICA bunker are the only significant areas really on the map. Mind you, comparing it to Miami and Mumbai is a lil unfair (they are giant maps even for WoA).

Chongqing, despite being very pretty, has a serious lack of content imo and its because of that it’s definitely my least favourite H3 map :man_shrugging:

Exactly what people said about Whittleton Creek (which suffers from the problem as well), when you look at the map then it seems a lot, but too many buildings are just shells with nothing inside


What I’m curious is, even with the Squenix fiasco of Hitman 2, they managed to pull off Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, and Isle of Sgail, all of which are giant maps. This time, there wasn’t anything particularly ‘restraining’. The EGS deal, Intel deal, and Playstation deal must’ve got them enough money, but we still got Chongqing.


Yeah. That is why I would like to see Chongqing at the DLC

Has IO ever done significant map updates before? I doubt not, but there has to be a first for everything.

I know this will never happen, but #MakeChongqingBigger.


As much as I would have loved this, I prefer them spending time and resources making additional bonus missions or entire maps rather than revamping an entire level.


Honestly in general H3 just felt like it’s maps had smaller scales than most H2 maps. Mendoza was the only one that blew me away

Dubai is decent sized but not outrageously big, same with Berlin. Dartmoor and Chongqing are fairly small scale. Romania is its own thing, so that’s fine. Mendoza is the only one to rival other games in terms of size (but a lot of it is large public areas)

Not to say H3 is bad, because the story was magnificent and the atmosphere was great. But map size/content was perhaps an issue


The Source
The Icon

In my opinion, these levels had the biggest changes relative to the original.

Yeah. I’m not really bothered by the smaller maps of Berlin, Dubai as I think they are the perfect size. Dartmoor is while a little smaller, fits the narrative so it’s ok. But Chongqing? It could’ve been the next Sapienza. The next Miami or Mumbai. There is so much potential the map has with the atmosphere, it’s so dissapointing. :slightly_frowning_face:


Definitely agree, I expected it to be the Mumbai of H3. The idea of ‘dense Chinese city’ certainly conjures a certain idea, not sure we got that tho


budget and time, i imagine.

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it’s pretty clear that the scale/budget of H3 was smaller than H2. the levels are smaller scale all around, plus Romania.

all of the deals they made were to secure the funding for Project 007 and their other new IP. and i assume also H3’s post-launch content (which is why i’m hoping for fully-fledged bonus missions).

all-in-all, i think they did a good job with Chongqing. i think the size/density of the map is perfect, but it just needs some more open buildings is all


The Chinese restaurant was perfectly made, I loved it, but I wish there was at least one more big store open with a mission story (like the restaurant has Pritchard’s), other than the laundry which is mostly decorative.

Imagine, say, a gambling bar where some dealer of biohacking technology is getting ready to meet Hush.
Could also be a dual mission story (like in Mendoza where you can do the tour as Corvo Black or Wine Expert) where you could either approach Hush or snitch on him to Royce who’s all around curious about what he’s really doing.

So much potential and an underused city. That’s my biggest criticism of Chongqing.
I don’t even dislike Chongqing, quite the contrary, it’s probably my 3rd most played map so far. But yeah, it could’ve done much, much better developing the city more.


While I do think that size could have been larger, it is okay the way it is. But density is the real problem of the map in my opinion. There is literally nothing gong on outside the 2 mission areas. The apartment “complex” has only 1 additional flat, the laundry is a single room, and there is nothing going on in the streets besides 2 groups of homeless guys talking about the project.
There’s an Internet cafe but is is closed down and has not a single NPC in.


Yup, sooo much missed potential. Imagine if there was an opportunity to have either Royce or Hush go to each others fortresses and wreak havoc, or even kill each other by proxy.
Or even they open up the train station, and make in able to ride the train and get to the other side of the map quickly. That also would’ve been cool.


I’m ok with the other maps even if smaller but definitely this is the only map that make me disappointed.

It’s really a wasted potential because this map could be more the size like miami, mumbai or sapienza.

Damn the city and the streets seems really wasted potential, the atmosphere with neon and rain is so on point and then we stay all the time inside 2 buildings, i really hope this map will be revamped in some way…


I don’t really find this map to be all that disappointing, though the only thing that irks me is the lack of a real apartment building with NPCs to mess with or items to find. There’s a tiny, empty apartment and a one-story restaurant, but I enjoy the other locations. I like how there’s a lot of opportunity to climb around to reach different places. Very swiss cheese.

What I’m more disappointed in is Whittleton Creek. That map is a fairly compact neighbourhood, with a dozen houses give or take a few, and yet there’s so few houses that are fully accessible. Of the 6 houses in the center block, only 4 are fully explorable, with the other two only having an open attic and basement access. There’s also Cassidy and his neighbour’s house, but the other houses surrounding the block have an open porch and that’s it.
Maybe there was a lack of time or budget for that map, since I can easily see current-gen hardware managing to have a fully-furnished neighbourhood map, if that was ever in the cards.


I personally like the slightly smaller or smaller feeling maps that HITMAN 3 generally has.
The big open sprawls of Sapienza, Miami & Mumbai are great but I think the variety is good.

I think it makes Mendoza stand out more for being what feels like the classic world of assassination level of HITMAN 3.


Agreed, China is my least favorite as well. Beautiful and vacant.

What I will say, to Chongqing’s credit, is that the ICA facility is a really interesting space with its use of dongles instead of keys, and all the vents you can go in and out of. But the fact that it’s entirely underground leaves it feeling isolated from the rest of the level. There are just three ways in, right? And no way to snipe into it from afar.