Why is Colorado hated

Just want to know why it’s hated so much?

Because it’s too open and the entire map is hostile to the suit-only


It’s a farm what did you expect


I expect to answer your question


I hate Colorado to I was just shocked people hate this map because of how open the map is

Really the only times you will play this map is for the challenges

Why you hate the map yourself?

It’s not only because it’s too open, it’s because a combination of being open and hostile


I like Colorado, People complaining the most about: All hostile Area, only one Exit (this has been patched btw) and the lack of verticality.
Its almost as most of the People didnt played the original Games, because most of the Levels in the old Games were like that.


I don’t like it but by now it became very unique to the otherwise more or less public maps. For that it stands out and does the job quite well I think.

Regarding the map design though I too think it lacks the maze character. Where ever you want to go to, you can see it and can run straight to it.


I think hated is a strong word. I feel like most people have issues with it sure and IO hasn’t recreated anything like it since. But personally I really like what it tries. In a season full of large two target, infiltrate this event style missions it really stands out and makes a statement


From what I can tell most people don’t like it based on that completing it SASO along with Sniper Assassin is part of the challenges. Otherwise they have no problem playing it.

I liked it and it reminded me a lot of older games where they had some missions that were all hostile. If you play with disguises it is definitely the most generous version of something like this too, this isn’t Silent Assassin where you’re sniped even in the right outfit.

I love the open map, the amount of routes through it, the fact that there isn’t a true best outfit in the level because of it’s many zones and a lot more.

It did used to be worse, it had one dumb scripted exit and now it has many more open to the player, so the one fault even I had is gone.


I hate the setting. I prefer beautiful and exotic locations. Colorado just takes place in an abandoned apricot farm. I didn’t find it very interesting.

I dislike the map. 3 out of 4 of the targets spawn in the house. It seems like everyone is bunched in on one area of the map with a few on the perimeter.

The targets were underwhelming to me. I feel like they could of done so much more with Sean Rose and Ezra Berg.

I hate the targets’ routes especially Ezra Berg and Maya Parvati.


Initial reasons would be that everywhere is a hostile area in a suit. But it’s not the only place like that (Training, Hawke’s Bay, Dartmoor, Carpathian Mountains) so there’s more to it, as it’s only an issue if you’re going for SO
I find that the fact 4 targets means meaningful opportunities are spread thinner. Ezra Berg really just has a set back-and-forth route, and nothing breaks him out of that routine. He’s very disappointing for someone who appears to have a developed story (and a mask) and bugger all of it means anything.
Same with Maya as she literally does 2 things; the battering ram and going to the garage. For someone with a deep backstory, she is a massively underused target and it just feels boring.
Sean Rose and Penelope Graves are the ones with more significant routes and events to lead them to other areas of the map and break out into new paths. However probably because there are 4 targets, they don’t have quite the same depth as say Paris or Sapienza.

This doesn’t make me hate it, but it does make it less interesting or memorable. I think what bothered me most was the horrible way the Scarecrow challenges were created


I’ve never been a fan of it either. Think a lot of people dislike the mission because of the whole area being a hostile.

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I get why the map is hostile. They are a terrorist militia training in an abandoned farm so I can understand that they would open fire on any trespassers. But that is what makes the mission less enjoyable. I prefer missions where Agent 47 goes to luxurious locations and can blend in with the tourists

People saying they dislike the targets for having simple routes but still loving Berlin really makes me think.


I think the 4 targets kill it for me, 3 would have been better, i don’t hate Colorado though, that’s just a thing i’d change

But for Berlin, we can choose the targets we want to eliminate. In Colorado, all the targets are mandatory

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I have to say I´ve grown more fond of it when mopping up challenges during my last playthroughs. Came to appreciate it more in the fact that despite being flat and open, it´s actually quite well designed in terms of how you can move around the area (definitely better than Bangkok) and I like how disguises work here (limited/specific access, not OP). But it´s still my least favourite H1 map (and one of my least favourite in the trilogy).

I don´t hate it and I don´t mind the hostile nature of it (which is not really an issue unless you´re going SO). I´m not fond of the setting, since I too prefer the more exotic locations and an abandoned apricot farm in the American Mid-West is as about as meh as it can get (and also reminds me way too much of Absolution).

My main issue is however the same as @Bad_Stu ´s. It doesn´t do enough to justify 4 targets. Rose and Graves are basically the only two fleshed out ones with interesting kills and routes. Parvati and Berg on the other hand - despite having very interesting backgrounds - just feel like extra weight and feel almost tedious to deal with. The map feels like they didn´t have enough time and had to cut content, leaving two of the targets with boring A to B routes and nothing to do.

A lot of people also took issue with the mandatory accessing of the tornado bunker on repeated playthroughs, until that was removed.