Wiggle's Music Mayhem -Curated Contracts -Submission Thread

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve brought your tickets and are hyped for the grand mic drop of the season.
Travel the globe, busting down to the beat from your favorite contract creators. Have a rave review in Berlin or maybe a neche song reference trip to Hokkaido? The DJ booth is the limits!

Confusingly the deadline is the 30th October, though the batch is coming and will be formally announced at a later date so erm let’s keep this under wraps, eh? Thanks to everyone who submits under these weird conditions.

So tune to the groove and into…Wiggle’s Music Mayhem

How to submit:

Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:


Brief Description:


Any extra information so i could get a grasp if anything of how your contract(s) flow

And Featured Contract Image suggestion (we’ll add an image ingame, to make it look more awesome)

Submissions closes October 30th 11:59 AM BST. Good luck agents. [Mic drop] :microphone:


Can’t wait to do this. :joy:


Love my spelling capabilities running on an hours sleep :joy:


That’s it… Posting my first TL:DR… >:3

/j I am probably gonna do it lmao


Me? I would never.
Also I totally made these contracts for this batch in the last 3 hours since this was posted, shush

:musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese: Wiggles’ Music Mayhem :musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese:


Contract ID: 3-02-8576649-02
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Contract Title: CICADA Days

Briefing and Link to Song Referenced


Brief Description & Extra Information for Flow:
I’ve taken a verse from Cicada Days by Will Wood and shaped a contract around it. The verse has a couple of lines whose meaning changes a lot under an assassiny murder view, like “our nerves were braided…” indicating not a deep level of emotional intimacy but instead the fiber wire braided around the nerves. Our targets are people very linked with another. Von Zell waits for Viktor, Irina has her photographer, Paul smokes together with a staff member (cushioned between two witnesses, yet can be left out in the open if done right) whereas Orson is flirting with a model. When the ground is “soft enough to bury this now” it’s not only the burying of a target’s body, but also, to quote the Genius website’s entry for the song, “for pain to soften and melt away with time so that you’re finally able to accept the loss and let it go” for those around them. Very heartfelt. Are you the antagonist here? :thinking:
Anyway, back to the contract. One last thing I’d like to note is you’re kept away from the CICADA bodyguards for the most part, so you’ll need to incorporate it well into the route. Fortunately, Orson’s quite near some so I think they can be worked into the route well enough.
Location: Paris

Image Suggestion

Cicadas surround a burning light, like the fire that comes later in the music video. I think the warm colours make that earthy and natural feel - i really liked it. Thanks to that one guy who decided to look the wrong way

:musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese: :musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese: :musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese: :musical_note: :full_moon: :cheese:


Contract ID: 3-10-9339136-02
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: linux_penguin
Contract Title: White Noise

Briefing and Link to Song Referenced


Brief Description & Extra Information for Flow
This one is a song about music (and environments), which I think fits this very nicely. The fluroescent lights and off-whites mentioned in the briefing also tie closely with the environment - the hospital envionment feels quite harsh and yet the building is surrounded by snow that one of the targets is shovelling. Keeping the contract outside of the hospital itself makes it quite calm, just like the any/any format. The any/any reflects the versatility of the environments that feel like or show off this white noise, and I think it’s pretty versatile. Turns out you can complete most the contract from the hospital roof as a ninja, and possibly get a double kill on the resort staff/guard. Therefore, this hopefully isn’t just white noise for the player :smile:
Location: Hokkaido

Image Suggestion

Our targets, figures of this white noise, are under the only glaring harsh light in the area, giving them a headache. The B&W version has a gap on the right to allow room for the batch’s icon, and the lack of colour very much signifies the song and what 47 is up against.
Also thanks Yoshifumi for not looking the right way, silly

Alternatively, the colour version


Here’s one I actually wanted to make in H2 a long time ago, so thank you for this theme that enabled me to revisit the idea :slight_smile:

Contract ID: 1-21-6294629-63

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: Up to 11

Briefing: So, these Ark Society guys have thrown a big party on Sgail, and there’s no good party without good music. But those idiots have hired classical musicians for that. What a stupid move, the island is gigantic and there are too many places where you can’t hear anything, they should have gone for some good ol’ heavy metal.

Let’s make some noise and show them what real music sounds like, shall we?

Brief Description: Blow up the three musicians with explosives and no KOs. Thanks to a weird quirk of those NPCs, I don’t think anyone would need to KO anybody anyway (that’s a lot of anys :/).

Location: Isle of Sgail

Image suggestion:


Contract ID:1-29-0644390-56


Submitter name:Butterflies

Contract Title:Dance in the apocalypse

Briefing:Fallin’ down,feelin’ up


Image suggestion:


Contract ID: 1-06-7750690-36
Platform: Steam / PC
Submitter Name: The Mafia
Contract Title: Gonna Make You Sweat Now!


The crowd infront of the consulate is live, and we’re pursuing that groove, everybody over there, and everybody over here.

The blazing heat of Morocco has nothing on the inferno we’re going to introduce to these poor saps. Each one complained about it being too cold once, so we need to show them some real heat.

What better outfit to wear to the firework show other than a bulky military outfit with bag over head as the centerpiece? None! That’s why its exactly the outfit required for the job.

Brief Description

A contract themed around C & C Music Factory, and Freedom Williams song, “Gonna Make You Sweat”

The idea was all the kills had to be fire, since fire makes you sweat. Plus, the outfit was chosen since it’s the bulkiest outfit on Marrakesh. Which would induce more sweating, and finally: It’s on Marrakesh, a hot map.

The kills themselves aren’t that difficult, just requires some thinking and moving of various NPC’s.

Location: Gilded Cage | Marrakesh, Morocco

Extra Information / Targets

No Sieker was used to create the contract.

First Target: Drill Sargent commanding pushups.
Second Target: Elite soldier on phone in tunnels.
Third Target: Shopkeeper perusing the shop in the plaza at the consulate protest, near the statue.

Image Suggestion:


Charlie, youre curating?? Awesome!!

Gosh, I’d submit for the fun theme, but contract creating is always confusing thing for me


Yeah!! It’s amazing! IOI have some great curators this year! With contracts making it is difficult! If you have a spare hour or so go over Urben’s guide, you might just get an idea or two


DJ Got Us Fallin' (In Love)

Contract Title: DJ Got Us Fallin’ (In Love)

Contract ID: 1-29-8782125-79

Platform: Epic Games

Submitter name: Peter Dutton MP

Briefing: You are a DJ. You put on a banger tune by Usher, and you feel inspired…

Brief Description: Based on the Usher song DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love, the contract takes the title literally. It contains fall kills and falling object kills performed by the DJ. The contract is accessible to newer players whilst also providing several routing and kill opportunities for the more advanced.

Location: Berlin

Suggested image: See above (Or something similar)



Contract ID: 1-08-2654434-96

Platform: Epic Games

Submitter name: Merch_Andise

Contract Title: Hit Me Bangkok One More Time

Briefing: "Oh baby baby, I shouldn't have let you go" "And now you're out of sight yeah" Break these fellas away from their boyfriends, and sure to clean up when you're done.

Brief Description: This contract is mainly inspired by Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, which is primarily a breakup song. This contract centers around the player isolating the targets away from their “partners” (in this case the NPC they’re stationed next to), and putting them in bins to get them “out of sight, yeah”.

Its a bit challenging but nothing crazy; It mostly just requires the player to time when they drag bodies to where they need to go, no non-target KO’s required (although helpful!). The thumbnail provides a bit of a hint as to the pathing.

Location: Bangkok (Club 27)

Image suggestion attached above.


-----Miami D.R.O.P.-----

CID: 1-11-9986820-96
Platform: Epic Store
Submiter: Druid Forest
Location: Miami

Due to a slight change in The Drop name, it needs a change in briefing into “…of Laskaridis’ drug…”.





Congrats @Charlie_Farmer and good luck.
I would like to submit 3 contracts on maps from Hitman 2016, Hitman 2 and Hitman III.



Contract ID: 2-02-7706475-31

Platform: Playstation 5 (PS4 game version)

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: Musical Chairs


Brief Description:
Musical Chairs is a popular fun game played all over the world (details: Musical chairs - Wikipedia).
It is a tricky contract where you need to eliminate five targets sitting in the round group of auction chairs. The targets are selected such that the solution will be quite tricky to take out unless you find a way to stop the auction (note the podium guy), and then the targets are separated. One of the targets is easy to kill as he is on the way to the auction. This contract is for challenging players (no complications, disguise, kill method, or restrictions). I don’t know how you solve it, just solve it anyway you want. Maybe knock out everyone in the auction room one by one.
Image Suggestion Credit goes to @Tetrafish_21.

Location: Paris, France

Image Suggestion:



Contract ID: 2-11-6492190-31

Platform: Playstation 5 (PS4 game version)

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: The Lounge Music


Brief Description:
It is a puzzle contract where “No Bodies Found” (optional) gives some headaches. I recently found that the security denied entry to the street musician with the VIP pass (after getting it from a guy near the restrooms), so this was the start of the story building. The street musician can legally walk once he is inside the VIP area; then why is he denied? The targets have the famous driver’s lounge music in the background, and three of them have a glass to poison, but can you? There is only one restroom where they go when sick; otherwise, they go to a restricted area. I thought of crediting the real artist of the lounge music in the briefing story but could not find it (posted in another forum topic). Whoever the artist is, good work on this lounge music.

Location: Miami, USA

Image Suggestion:



Contract ID: 2-31-6422853-31

Platform: Playstation 5 (PS4 game version)

Submitter name: Zubin47

Contract Title: Piano Wire


Brief Description:
It is a fiber wire contract with no pacification. Challenging players may try SONKO on this. Luring the targets to a lone location is the key. As usual, the guy at the podium entrance checking the invites has been under the radar for a long time, and he is my priority target. Coins, peek-a-boo, and bullet distractions can help in the solution. I look forward to seeing how players do their runs in this one.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Image Suggestion:


Thank you.


Loving this idea! I noticed that as i was making mine but wow you put my test contract to shame! Well done Zubin.

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Oh :grinning:, seems your thought process and idea matches mine, you can skip this contract and check out my other two :crazy_face:.

BTW, I hope we get more submissions from submitters.
There are many music themed ideas - Bangkok Jordan Cross, Sapienza Landslide concert, Marrakesh dancing millitary, Mumbai bollywood dancers, Santa Fortuna Band members, Berline DJ, Mendoza musicians etc etc :crazy_face:

If possible, can anyone pin this submission thread, we still have Clemen’s fairwell message in the pin.

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Rhis contract is great fun! I’ve been testing some things out all morning, don’t be surprised if this gets picked

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Contract ID: 1-26-1461518-51

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: ChannelJoined

Contract Title: (Fiber) Wired


Brief Description: A contract similar to Arna’s Wired Conundrum series but with an added drowning kill at the start to match 5 songs from the Jefff Beck album Wired.

Location: Haven Island


Suggested Image:


Contract ID:1-12-9037232-02 (Epic)
Submitter name:Orange_725
Contract Title:Smalltown Boy
Target image:

Brief Description:
I found this song called Smalltown Boy on the car radio in the GTAOL. I love it very much, and its lyrics are also very resonant. Therefore, I have extracted a part from it as an introduction to my contract.

The delay in today’s performance was induced by the excessive drinking of the band performers last night. This not only caused residents to anxiously wait and suffer but also delayed the unveiling ceremony for a long time.

Meanwhile, the music they choose to play is very unpleasant and even makes noise. This can be proven by our departed client. He was spotted by three other band members while trying to contact us, so they joined forces to kill him with a cup of poisonous tea. Luckily, our client had another string to his bow.

This contract had been automatically generated after his death. Your targets are all criminals who commit cruel and brutal crimes.

Our client requires you to wear his reliced clothes and kill the targets during their performance. I will leave you to prepare. Good luck, 47.
The music link:

You leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case.
Alone on the platform the wind and the rain on a sad and lonely face.
Mother will never understand why you had to leave.
For the answers you seek will never be found at home.
For the love that you need will never be found at home.
You were the one that they’d talk about around town as they put you down.
And as hard as they would try they’d hurt to make you cry.
But you’d never cry to them just to your soul.
Suggested image:

Location:Columbia-Santa Fortuna