Will There Be A New Roadmap For February?

As this question asks it, will there be a roadmap? This is Feb. 3rd and IOI didn’t said if there’ll be a new roadmap.

This thread is for speculations and wishlists.


I don’t know if there will be anymore “roadmaps” per se, given that Freelancer, as far as we know, was the last big thing intended for the game. It’s possible we might just get monthly, or even only quarterly updates for patches and announcements for ET releases and such.


No, in fact they do have new contents to release.

Maybe they’ll release it from ioi.dk. But I think the most important thing is updates and patches about Freelancer, there are so many bugs.


I dunno, but the fact that they bothered to put ETs by year in the menu makes me think there will be a “year 3”. Besides, they kept the Elusive Target Coming Soon item in the menu.


I didn’t say they didn’t have new content. I said Freelancer, as far as we know, is the last big thing intended for the game, and I was careful to phrase it that way. My point was, anything they have left to release, as far as we know, is primarily going to be more of the same, so they may decide necessary that it’s not necessary to have a monthly roadmap anymore. We’ll have to wait and see.


I hope there’s a new roadmap. I don’t mind if there’s no video like the last few, but would love some kind of roadmap!


Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th. It is logical to assume that the IOI might issue holiday contracts on this theme.


They already have made the Valentine FCs last year, yall think they gonna repeat it?


I think it’s quite possible. It’s not hard to issue three to four contracts. It’s too late for the FC competition.


Officially as of writing this expect there to be no further roadmaps cause IO hasn’t released anything in regards to what’s next after Freelancer.

Unofficially if you know where to look you might get an answer that suggests we would get more.

I think that’s the best way to put it without breaking Forum Rules.


We’re not sure, however, if Freelancer is the last big update for Hitman III then I’m totally satisfied :grin:

After all, it’s cool to see 47’s post Hitman III life chilling within the Safehouse area until his next big hits coming crashing at both him and Diana in the next big game (whenever that arrives :wink:)


Typical developer bullshit these days. They need to at least acknowledge the issues in Freelancer and tell us if/when to expect another patch. WTF @IOI

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I would say a roadmap (or other, possibly more modest form of Year 3) is pretty much confirmed at this point. Between Clemens announcing an incoming fix for the muffin fix, Freelancer still having some issues that surfaced after the mode reached the larger playerbase and marketing for WoA launch still openly advertising live features like Elusive Targets. Some sort of post-Freelancer updates are nearly certain in my book.

Plus there are the “soft hints” in the form of unreleased content in the files and space for 4 extra syndicate trophies in the safehouse.

I’ll bring up this interview with IO devs that was posted in another thread since it further confirms plans for Y3 content.

Is the release of Freelancer 100% complete, or will new weapons, rewards, and permutations be added later on?

JBJ: We have lots of ideas and a few patches are already planned, but HITMAN Freelancer is probably our largest post-launch addition to a HITMAN game and we want to take the time to see the reaction of our players before entering in the specifics.

Largest doesn’t mean the last, so we could still get something.
As for personal wishlist stuff, I mostly want fixes for all the small Freelancer annoyances, with maybe expanding the procedural parts to have even more variety (more suspect models, courier routines, possible targets etc.). My overly big impossible dream for this year would be new map(s)/bonus mission(s)/ET(s), since if there’s a thing Freelancer doesn’t do better than base game, it’s having targets and missions with any sense of personality to them.


What’s funny is I remember reading that part of the article as “last large post launch addition” for some reason haha. For the longest time I took that as meaning not to expect any big additions or changes, but reading your post is making me think otherwise! Hopr Year 3 is a possibility.

There very well fucking better be, or at least just ET re-runs. I’ve still got suits to unlock!


Are the other map variants even used in Freelancer? Like Holiday Hoarders or Japan Patient Zero? I haven’t seen any yet. Bullshit if they aren’t included.

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No, Freelencer only use based locations


Now that the World of Assassination is united together better, it would be an amazing opportunity for more Elusive Targets on maps that didn’t have many (or any). There are tons of areas on 2’s and 3’s maps where they’d fit in well, especially on the giant maps like Mendoza and Mumbai. I’d still even support The Undying coming back with a new model and voice actor, since I feel there’s still merit to the mission besides just the novelty of Sean Bean. The only 2016 map I feel could really use another ET is Bangkok, since all 3 Bangkok ETs are kinda crappy.

As for the ET Arcade, I’d like to see more just to have more content in the game, but if they’re done with them I won’t get torn up about it either. I feel like the mode only really needs one or two more batches to be considered “complete” with things like the Fixer so he’s archived, more appearances by the handful of 2016 ETs that have only appeared once, and the Deceivers back with an unrestricted loadout for Heisenberg’s sake. However, if there were new ETs they would also breathe more life into the ET Arcade.


Unfortunately not and I can’t see them being added either.

Speaking of the maps, prior to launch IOI was also thinking about tailoring a few of the locations to fully fit the post Hitman III setting in Freelancer, but realised it would restrict players too much, so they decided to leave maps as they were to allow us more flexibility.

Would have been interesting to see what changes would have been made? :wink: