Will we get DLC in Hitman 3?

This was an existing post in the old forum and i thought it needed to be here. I like to think we will have, AT LEAST, bonus missions. I don’t expect new maps, but IO can’t let us down leaving Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 maps with no variations…

No DLC pass in the deluxe edition makes me think nothing else is going to come out after Hitman 3 launches, but i’m hopeful


I’ve been hoping that if we do get some DLC that IO would go back and complete some missions that they previously scrapped along the way for all three games and release them at some point before they inevitably move everyone from H3 post-launch content to Project 007.

I figure it would make sense to revisit scrapped missions than working on something brand new because they’ll already have some work on them completed.


I’d be very surprised if we did. Very little chance of this at all, IMO.

I think if everything is done and released they will probably make a nice bundle out of the three games and sell them physically as a whole. To give even more incentive to buy we could see some additional content in the form of a new map or a remixed one tacked on i guess.

At least thats what i hope.


They had troubles to fulfill the promises for H2 I think, with Special Assignments seeming recycled Elusive Targets, scrapping Ghost Mode maps, other Elusive Targets and so on. I guess they focused on the stuff they took money for, aka DLCs and Special Assignments in any form.

Maybe they don’t want that pressure again and announce content when it is sure to be finished.


Good point, no pressure from expectations from the player base means if they do add something it will be received much more positive.


Yes, we will have DLC. The productive effort to make one or two new maps, or just bonus missions, is compatible with the life cycle of H3. I’m pretty sure they will make some new contents to revamp the game, before the release of their new 007 project


Technically, we already have DLC for Hitman 3 with the “Trinity Pack” and “Deluxe Pack” (suits and escalations).


Seeing how HITMAN 2 went with WB support, makes me think that HITMAN 3 won’t be much better being handled all by themselves.
I won’t be surprised if we won’t have any DLCs and any support of HITMAN 3 will be scrapped already in June, considering all that silence, all that statements from another sources and all the stuff


WB is not related here (anymore) so nothing but your personal pessimism is applicable here.

There are no statements about DLCs or support length for H3 from any reliable source.


Yes, I said exactly this: makes me think

I mean press writes that IOI is taking a break from HITMAN, SE lost faith in HITMAN and all that speculations brings nothing but only a pessimism, at least to my head

The Square Enix statement was regarding the H2016 sales. Not related to H3.

IOI taking a break was regarding new titles. Not related to H3.

I know you just express your pessimism. Just let me point out you do that since a year now and I wonder how long it will go on.


I hope when H3 drops, my mind will be changed

I would really look forward to that. I am not eager to see “guys I think support ends soon anyway” postings after every patch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, with @Urben on this, not sure if it’s just a language thing because English isn’t your native language, but @Count.Rushmore you should cheer up! Obviously keep your expectations in a sensible check, but equally there’s no need to assume that the world is about to end with every post you make about HITMAN 3.


Did I ever do that? I don’t remember to spit out things like this in my every post

Do what, make pessimistic statements about unconfirmed future? Yes like I said, a year or more.

Let’s not derail this too much, write me a PM if you feel the need to.


You evidently tend to see the most pessimistic scenario starting from a
logical fallacy.

Basing on your recent posts which i’ve interact:
you say we can’t have news in holiday time, and they release 5 minutes of gameplay the last day of the year;
you say Dubai can be a tutorial, while everything suggests the opposite, then IO confirm Dubai is a normal mission.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that IO will supports H3 for 2 years almost with soft content and some major update, such as a new map, for re-launching the game after some time, probably one year, going to market with a complete edition


So far no plans regarding DLC but we can think maybe this changes as time goes on. Wouldn’t hope for new maps at all but maybe new missions on existing maps.

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That’s all i need, tbt

New maps would be a dream, but new missions on existing maps with variations would be perfect and i hope they do that, we need something new in Hitman 2 maps (night Whittleton Creek, some variation in Miami)