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I think maybe it was Silvereyes(?) that made a similar topic in the previous forum. With my work being a source of frustration I felt compelled to (re)make this topic to allow others to share their experiences, gripes, and/or praises for things going on in their occupation.

You’re welcome, Silvereyes. :smiley:

Okay. Me. Boy… I work at a hotel on what is referred to as the ‘Audit Shift’ or graveyard. The owner is currently in “rehab” (big boy jail/prison) for charges related to Driving while Intoxicated. He should be back sometime in July. That’s going to be treat. not. He’ll come out either better or worse. He definitely won’t be the same.

Then there’s the General Manager… I guess they don’t make me the GM because of my personality… Lacking in maybe cordiality, or I’m too easy going… I don’t know, and I don’t care. It’s not a responsibility I ever wish to take up. Even if it comes with a monthly salary. Anyway. Our GM. I got off the phone with her after she called me wanting to know how to fix something related to a guest that trashed their room and stole the T.V. (along with some other stuff, I think). These douchebags then put their credit or debit card on hold so nothing else could be charged on it. So, the GM was wanting to charge them for the damages to the Rm. She goes right to PAYMENT, posts a credit (back) to their card! :man_facepalming: She needed to first post the (+)fee for whatever damages, THEN go to (-)payment. But since she went to payment before posting any fee - she typed in whatever amount and it goes through as a (+)payment… Which is a credit back. Now since their credit card is deactivated - we can’t just go in and do it the right freaking way!

Well, one could manually put in an Authorization Code… But that’s getting into a touchy area. It could be disputed or reversed. Apparently they had another Credit Card on file. I have no idea what she did, but she was able to pull that up then did God-knows-what with it. I had her texting me screenshots of what she was doing. I think she realized how badly she messed up, because she didn’t send me anymore screenshots. Probably too embarrassed. :persevere:

I’m supposed to have tonight off… But I’m really curious as to what she did, and could almost go up there to see for myself. Maybe even try to fix anything that might be messed up. Because by the time I go back, it’ll be too late to fix anything.

The job can be an abundant source of headaches at times. But I guess it’s what I need to do. They’d be royally fk’d if I ever had to quit or was put into the hospital.


Yeah I made a work thread back in the old forum, although it was also designed for talking about school and college etc as well. Thanks for bringing it back. :+1:

Thankfully, work is going mostly alright for myself right now. My pizza delivery job is very quiet during the Summer. Part of the reason why I take 2 weeks off in the middle of July is that it’s good to be gone while hours are at a minimum and a bit hard to come by. Honestly though, alot of the job depends on what kind of mood the store manager is in. He’s mostly good but if he’s in a bad mood, he just takes it out on all of us. Especially if a store inspection is immininent, which feels like every 4 months or so. But y’know, it’s fine for the time being. Soon as I move house hopefully next year, I will definetly be job hunting. Rather fed up of working evenings, really want some kindof day job, hopefully one with some kind of future in it.


Without going into details, one very important lesson I’ve learned is that you need to watch the turnover rate at an office. Treat them like a married person trying to hit on you because, honey, if they’ll do it with you they’ll do it to you.


Location Supervisor that’s apart of one of the Larger Amusement Park Companies based on North America.

I’m apart of the Food and Beverage Department, with that being I’m one of the very few people apart of the leadership team with real cooking experience. One notable thing I’ve done was run a BBQ stand which consisted of a lot of hands on work and actual effort compared to fryer food, but I digress.

My position consists of Trainings and copious amounts of paperwork. It’s honest work and I love it. When I do get to cook though I put a lot of care into something more mundane like frozen burger patties where i make them more palatable.

I also travel for work around the fall season too, but that’s a case by case basis. Everyday is a new adventure where I work, but that is the basics of my job.


Nice! It seems like you didn’t forget the gas. That’s already a good start of becoming a BBQ king. :joy:

In case of me, I don’t have a job at the moment. Despite I majored in Information Management (you could say it’s sort of a combination between IT & business school), I think I’d like to become an English teacher. Or else, a translator will do. It’s a bit harder to be interviewed during the current pandemic state, but I can wait.

I once was a convenient store clerk, though. It was more challenging than I thought. Working nightshift was a pita when I was all alone and had to take care of customers, restocking, and cleaning. The pay was low, but I did get to enjoy a free cup of coffee per night, and was able to bring expired microwave food home for free. I also worked 4 nights per week, while the other nightshift clerk did 3 nights.


I like to think that working where I am and having experience with actually recipes and prep work lead me to be able to improvise and make food taste better.

Kosher Salt and Beef Stock can improve an otherwise bland frozen burger patty and make it more flavorful if you know what you are doing. I try to keep a level of quality and consistency especially when serving employees since they deserve a level of good food too.

I’ve also had the pleasure to be a certified bartender in Pennsylvania thanks to my job so I can make a mean cocktail for our alcohol enthusiast on the forum.


We’ve been working on a big charity fundraiser at work for the last few months. A former employee is in a pretty famous band now, and as such was able to organise a huge laundry list of raffle prizes from other bands with big followings. We had live comedians mixed in with pre recorded sets from some bands, as well as a live raffle draw. We raised over £27k for the charity so far which is really awesome.

It was our first hybrid event and I think it went pretty successfully.


I just yell into a telephone for a living most of the time. Luckily when I bark people listen, I imagine life would be harder if no one took me seriously. I wish I could fly more though and yell less.


This right here! Amusement Park cuisine. Who doesn’t love it!


Currently I am an Executive Culinary Director and cover 3 states traveling around to support my accounts through culinary training, food quality, as well as responsible for controlling food, labor costs and TM engagement. It’s a very fast paced job and you have to manage many things. I have about 35 million in revenue reporting to me. Long hours but rewarding at the same time.

I don’t cook professionally anymore as a result so this is why I cook at home and share my pics with you all.

People gotta eat right!


Speaking of eating right,

I don’t consider myself an expert or a professional in this field but it is my job. or however you say it properly in english.

This ones short, expected and incredibly generic but its the most fun thing that has happened to me at work in the past 3 years.

All I’ll say is,
Pineapple. Italian restaurant.

I feel like I shouldn’t be here considering my position and the one of the man above me…


You don’t need to be a professional to be a great cook. Just keep showing up!!!