- World Of Assassination Giveaway Contest! -

Hello everybody :blush:

At the occasion of The Season Of Undying (see HERE, HERE and THERE), get your chance to obtain a free Steam key for HITMAN: World of Assassination (Standard Edition) for you or your friends through a community contest!


- The Contest:

The theme of the contest is “WORLD OF ASSASSINATION”:

As you already know there are over 21 locations all over the WoA trilogy…

- What to do:

→ Choose 1 pack between those, each pack having 6 unique locations:

- Pack 1 (HITMAN): Paris/Sapienza/Marrakesh/Bangkok/Colorado/Hokkaido

- Pack 2 (HITMAN 2): Hawke’s Bay/Miami/Santa Fortuna/Mumbai/Whittleton Creek/Isle Of Sgail

- Pack 3 (HITMAN 3): Dubai/Dartmoor/Berlin/Chongqing/Mendoza/Carpathian Mountains


→ You can also use ICA facility maps on any pack if you want but it’s not mandatory.

After selecting one of those packs you will make a video that will display each map like a sort of compilation representing the World of Assassination concept…

- The Rules:

  • This is a contest for PC and STEAM only. Sorry console/EPIC players!

  • You (or your friends) must have a Steam account to be eligible to the key giveaway.

  • You can do ANYTHING and use any item, any costume, any disguise, any weapon and any target (Main Targets, Elusive Targets, Seasonal Events like Hokkaido Snow Festival or Holiday Hoarders, Landslide & A House Built On Sand, The Mills Reverie, Dartmoor Garden Show and Special Assignments) as long as it matches the pack of maps you have chosen.

  • You must use vanilla game and maps without any modification (no mods!), the only exception being using a freecam feature (using Nvidia Ansel or a third party app).

  • You can choose any music but the official ingame music and sounds are recommended. You can also narrate the video yourself if you’re confident enough :stuck_out_tongue:

  • You can use any of the HITMAN games from the trilogy (2016, 2018 and HITMAN 3) but the latest one is highly recommended. If you don’t have it you can download the demo here which will allow you to play the legacy maps (HITMAN & HITMAN 2) on it:


Here’s some examples you can use as an inspiration for your video:

  • Your video can be about literally anything. You can display maps, NPCs, kill or having fun with targets, something else…it’s all you who decide as long as all maps from the pack you have chosen are displayed on the video you’re making.

  • You don’t have to focus on 47 but he must appear at least ONCE in your video! You can also add other characters like Diana or Grey as you wish.

  • You can also use ingame cinematics and dialogs but that’s it. No trailer footage is allowed!

  • No need to make a very long video, try to be around 3 to 10 minutes maximum.

The whole idea of this contest is to be creative and make something original :+1:

- Additional notes:

  • Choosing a pack over another doesn’t matter and won’t give you additional chances.

  • For practical reasons, even if i would like to, we will not be using DLC maps (Bank, Haven and Ambrose Islands/Sarajevo Six/Patient Zero/Seven Deadly Sins) on this contest. Same for Sniper missions maps (Hantu Port/Himmelstein/Siberia) and Freelancer mode.

  • Anyone on any country can participate. Just post your content on that topic and wait for the final selection!

- What to NOT do:



Contest ends Thursday May 2nd SUNDAY, MAY 5TH and the winner will be announced in the days after.
This period might be extended depending on how it will roll.

If you have any questions regarding this contest, feel free to post them on this topic and i will reply asap.

I’d like to thank @IOI and @Combatglue for giving me the opportunity to make this :+1:

Good luck to everyone, have fun and see you soon :wink:



Contest starts NOW!

Take your time, make something cool and interesting to watch.
You have approximately one month to make your video and upload it :+1:

Cya soon :wink:


Neat! A couple of questions:

  1. How many winners will there be? One, or one per pack?
  2. Do we have to stay in one pack? I have ideas that require multiple maps across different packs (e.g. Paris and Whittleton Creek)
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Only one winner in the whole contest. But you can combine that contest and the next one to try to get WoA + Undying DLC pack altogether :+1:

Yes, one pack only. Choose one pack between the three depending your preferences (and games).

Good luck :blush:

Romaniais the preferred location

If you like Romania then i suggest you taking Pack #3 (HITMAN 3).

Please read the rules carefully, and take your time.

Don’t hesitate to make multiple videos and select the best of them before posting :+1:

Good luck to all the participants!

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If the prize is a Steam key for Hitman WOA, but in order to be eligible you must be a preexisting PC/Steam player, does the prize basically become a gift for a friend (or an alt Steam account I guess)?

You’re thinking too much dude.

You need a Steam account so i can send you the key to your account, because it is a key for STEAM ONLY.

It is NOT an alt Steam account, it is a FREE HITMAN WOA STEAM KEY.
Gift, friends, it doesn’t matter. But you gotta have an account for the key to work!

The winner gets a code and he adds it to whatever Steam account he wants.
Simple as that :slight_smile:

You need Hitman on Steam in order to enter the contest to win… Hitman on Steam. What part do you not get? :rofl:

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If you win a Steam key for the DLC, then sure, you’ll need to own the base game.

If you win a Steam key for the base game, you will in fact need to not own it because Steam doesn’t let you redeem keys for products that you already own. Valve require you to have an account with them in order to redeem keys.

It’s somewhat shocking that this needs to be said.

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Ok ok, so if I don’t have Hitman on Steam, but I need to make an original video using my own footage and the in-game engine, then I need to have Hitman on another platform to capture said footage, right?

Acting like I’m the crazy one here. Pffft.


If you want to participate in the competition to win a Steam key for the base game, you will need access to the game in some capacity. Maybe you already own it and just want the key to, I don’t know - gift to a friend, or sell to someone. Maybe, for some reason, you don’t own the game but you have a friend who does who is willing to help you compete for a key.

Of course, I’m sure these possibilities already occured to you - but they work against your desire to level snarky remarks against the competition.

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Guys, please refrain being rude to each other and let’s focus on the content of the topic :+1:

You’ll obviously need access to any HITMAN game in order to be able to make a video for the contest.

And then, if you win the contest, you’ll need a Steam account to activate the key.

So create a Steam account or give the code to one of your friends.

I hope that things are clear enough now.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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You misinterpret my tone and intent, and you are the one who ends up coming across as agressive and snarky.

Thanks to you both for the clarifications. Please trust me that if said answers were so clear and obvious, I would not have dug for clarification.

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Do not worry about that. I’m here to answer your questions.

Just find a way to play any HITMAN game (1, 2 or 3) and make your videos.

Contest ends in May. Good luck!

This will be cool. Might have to give it a shot next week.

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I am still collecting my footage and editing as I go. OpenShot is missing a few basic features, at least it’s free :sweat_smile:

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Good to hear it :smile:
Take your time guys, there is still a month to complete the challenge :+1:

It took a while but it is done. Here is my entry, enjoy:


Thanks for your entry, will look into that for sure :slight_smile:

By the way the contest is extended until next week (Sunday, May 5th) if you want to make some changes :+1:

Cya soon!