World of Assassination Physical Release

Only for PS5, with a PS4 download code inside.

It includes three art cards featuring ICA Facility(The Final Test), Miami, and Dubai. 50 random copies from North America and Europe respectively will have the art cards signed by the dev team.

Out on August 25, pre-orders available.


Uh, I don’t see the point of this release if its real.

If you buy a H3 disc, once you put it into the console and download the latest update - it turns into WoA. So this just seems… pointless.

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Pointless AND expensive.

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How does it work now? If you have just the disc to Hitman 3, can you still buy the access passes for 1 & 2? Or do you have to buy the whole WoA? Or is it all included?

It’s all included since H3 always contained all the data for H1 and H2. The January 2023 patch basically just removed the need to have the Access Passes to access the locations.

Edit for clarity because of nitpicking: “all included” is referring specifically to the H1 and H2 Standard Access Passes. It does not refer to H2 Expansion Pass, Deluxe or 7DS content. For further clarity, it also doesn’t include immortality, a lifetime supply of cheese, it does not provide an oil change for your vehicle(s), it doesn’t reverse the aging process, doesn’t solve world hunger nor does it include a dictionary. Please note that this list of exclusions is not exhaustive of what isn’t included if you insert a H3 disc into a PlayStation or Xbox console.

I also aplogise for assuming that someone reading this would be able to apply some common sense.

Is that better @47Agent?


Just so you know, your post reads like if you buy Hitman 3 right now and then update it you’ll have EVERYTHING in the series. And that’s incorrect.

You’d still have to buy the WOA Deluxe Pack Upgrade.

No it doesn’t since the question was specifically asking about H1/H2 Access Passes and whether they could still be purchased or if they’re included. Which they are as they’re a part of the standard edition of WoA.

Obviously the access to Haven/New York isn’t included because that isn’t part of standard WoA.

That’s what I meant. Haven Island, New York and the two sniper maps (Siberia + Hantu Port) were originally part of the Hitman 2 access pack.

Now they’re “separate”.

And you said it’s all included. It’s not. You still have to make a separate purchase to get content that was originally in the Hitman 2 access pack. That was my point.

Ask ioi… it was their decision to make it all wonky like that, not me. :joy:

A physicial release of the WoA now is imho not a good move.
The game is well established, it’s easy to get the physical copies of the games one by one, whether it’s in mint condition or second hand + dlcs. A physical release of the entire trilogy is indubitably the next thing to do for this Hitman era. While i understand that a lot of players didn’t try their hands on it yet (say what?!) and they should be able to do so, time should pass to ‘legacy up’ these games. I always thought that one day a physical release of the trilogy would be out with all its content and i would gladly get back into. We all know this likely to happen.
But since the game is a best-seller, why not reshape challenges for us fans? All things considered, this world of assassination is a puzzle game that can be endlessly reimagined. I am aware that getting back to it is totally counter productive but injecting a few changes, for instance changing locations of the tools, well it would change everything. But that’s stretching something that i care to call groupie time.
If there is a physical release now, it’s way too soon, way too fast.

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Guess it’s a good point for collectors :+1:
PC release too? DLCs included?


You all are talking about the games themselves, fuck it, I want the 3 art cards.


I’ve checked Amazon and couldn’t see anything, fake posting?

The product in the link I posted is still available.

Ahh it’s because my App is set to the UK, it’s available on it would seem. I’ve pre-ordered anyway :joy:


Makes no sense to have a physical release of this as long as it requires servers to function anyway. If they were willing to drop that annoying shit, that would be one thing. I really hope they don’t do the same thing to the Bond game they’re making.


A physical copy that requires a patch from the Internet to function offline is still requiring you to be online at some point, and requires the patch to be online forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

A physical copy at this stage of the trilogy makes the most sense in my head after the last patch. But I might be to old fashioned for that idea though, and I don’t even touch my old PC DVDs anymore.
I am fine with expecting to be able to play Hitman for many years in the future, but for the sake of making it an historic piece of art, it should be wrapped up some day.


Not gonna happen, my friend.

The product page on Amazon is now gone.

My order is not canceled, however, so it may become available again later.

Edit: …and it’s up again. Still no official news, though. Where is the XSX version?

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It’s now also popped up on an Australian retailer’s website - with the same date too.