World of Assassination Physical Release

Now THAT’S love!

Your partner buying you a game they know you love – even if they’d forgotten you already own it, or they already bought you a physical version of that same game before… Multiple times… Awwww :heart:


The more I think about it, I suspect that the fact that this disk is currently only being retailed for Playstation only makes me think that this was the compromise that Sony agreed to for letting go of their exclusivity over Sarajevo Six. Whilst physical sales are down due to the uptake of digitalisation, I don’t think they would’ve ignored making disk versions for other platforms if it meant a few extra sales here and there unless they were bound from doing it by something else.

I could be wrong, but that is my theory!

Still waiting for my preorder to ship…

Edit: And it finally shipped.

The disc has the game version 3.155.0 on it. Not 3.150, not 3.160, 3.155. It also says server version 8.12.0 instead of 8.13.0.

One interesting thing about this version is that, currently, you can go online even though it is not the latest version. I have not done a thorough test, so I don’t know if every part of the game works or how close this version is to others. But here are some little things I found during my quick check:

  • No Sarajevo Six
  • Sarajevo Six tile on the store tap has no image and says [‘GAME_STORE-METADATA_S3_BUNDLE_SARAJEVO_TITLE’]. Selecting it opens the store page properly, though the DLC does nothing for the reason above.
  • Trinity Pack tile on the store tap has no image either. The store page opens properly, and the DLC obviously works just fine. However, the icon won’t recognize your ownership and always shows the cart icon.
  • It still shows the spring roadmap.
  • No image for Switcher’s Comic Book Store & Happy Birthday 47 featured contracts.

Will a physical copy of this ever show up on xbox? As an aside, it would be awesome if there was a physical disc with all the content and dlc. Sarajevo Six, Deadly Sins, Deluxe, Freelancer weapon skins, the lots. Even with the new WOA release model there still seems to be enough fragmented DLC that isint covered by the Deluxe edition to make it impossible to get everything in a single reliable purchase.


So… did anyone scoop the signed artwork cards? I’m intrigued.

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The one (1) PS5 physical game I purchased is still new/unopened, as it’s a part of my mint condition collection of all things “Hitman” dating back to 2000. I have no idea if mine has them or not…


I’m holding out for a set of the cards to show up on e8ay, but if not…

Can anyone tell me if this game gives new trophies or are they the same as Hitman 3? I’m in a collecting trophy mood these days especially with those involving our buddy Agent 47.

It shares the trophies with the other HITMAN 3 versions.

FYI, it does not share local saves with other versions. Not that this is important since server-side data are shared.


To be sure, you mean that if you play the PS5 WoA you have to redo everything?
It doesn’t make any sense, if you have to complete the game all over again, you should be rewarded with trophies. A real pity.

No, you do not have to redo everything. All your progress, which is server-side data, is shared across all versions.

Local save files are only for in-mission saves. Those are not shared. You do have to agree on the privacy policy again, though that is barely an inconvenience. Your offline “backup” progress is also not shared, but it is newly downloaded whenever you go online anyway.


Thanks, i wasn’t sure about your first reply. I guess IOI wanted to gather all three games into one disc and so to attract a new fanbase. That i completely understand but since they didn’t reach out to this specific audience advertising the game that much, it is an “old” game after all, the purpose of this release is unjustified. Wait a year or two, or even after their next game is done and out, a new release would have been a more logical approach (with new stuff or revamp of some elements). I don’t get it.