XBox Series S Bug before even installed

So here’s a interesting bug we found, we purchased a digital version of Hitman 3 Standard edition to load on an Xbox Series S, however we found after putting the code in the game would not install on the official expansion card installed and instead wanted to hog a mass of space on the internal drive the machine comes with. So of course uninstalling some games solved this issue and got it installing, but why would the game not recognise / install on the official expansion drive where there was circa 800 Gigs of space like other games do?

just to check - by official expansion card do you mean the $200 1TB SSD, or a hard drive? because games with a series x upgrade will only be playable if they’re installed on an SSD

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Yes is the official Seagate (I believe) solid state expansion card, £219 on Amazon in the UK. I seem to recall one game we installed simply stated the regular drive was full, do you want to install on the expansion drive which we did of course.

You have to ask this in bug thread of player support category.
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