Year 2 Patch Notes - HITMAN 3


:thinking: New weapon?

:thinking::thinking: PS5 sound bug fixed?

:thinking::thinking::thinking: Reduced lens flares?



For the first patch released in almost four months, I was expecting something more substantial than that with the big fixes tbh.


Anyone know what the heck this means?

2 Easy 2 Silent
We’ve tweaked the unlock conditions for the ‘Silent Assassin’ trophy so that it unlocks more consistently according to the requirements.

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Windows PC Support
In addition to Epic Games Store and Steam, HITMAN 3 and HITMAN Trilogy are now available on Windows PC (Microsoft). Players on this platform (including PC Game Pass players) will have access to their existing HITMAN 3 progression that was earned playing HITMAN 3 on any Xbox console. That progression will also be synchronised between Xbox consoles and the Windows PC (Microsoft) versions of the game. Also, any Contracts created on this PC platform will be shared with Xbox console players and vice versa. These features are possible because Xbox Live is the central service that brings the two platforms together.

This is good thing whatsoever.
I wish it was some central multiplatform service allowing all these


Looks like a lot of the big fixes are here (I didn’t know shoulder swap was online only, I thought they patched that?!); lens glare, challenge fixes, PS5 audio issues. Really good stuff.

Probably lots of small changes under the hood too.


Bangkok: Unusual Identity
We’ve resolved several issues where NPC names and images did not match up with the actual NPC in Bangkok.

Don’t know about this in Bangkok, but Dartmoor hardly needs NPCs conformity check, as there are quite a few NPCs with mixed male and female names and voices

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I’m curious to hear the added dialogue:

Wonder if they were already recorded but not implemented for a technical reason or newly recorded.


HUD Flash
We’ve resolved an issue where some HUD icons and messages would repeatedly flash during gameplay, depending on specific player actions.

Finally, thank you :pray:


We’ve resolved an issue where Agent 47 would be unable to move without being spotted, when starting as the Asado Chef.

We’ve resolved an issue where NPCs that were attacked and thrown down an elevator shaft in Dubai would be pacified rather than killed. Now, only death awaits.

Lol better late than never, I guess.

Pistol elimination audio still not fixed unfortunately. They broke that with the last or last to last update.

Happy for the PS5 players! That audio bug sounded terrible.


Let’s hope they fix it silently.
The patch is not yet live, unless you received it early, so hope still there

the PC version of the game progression synchronizing with the Xbox version is very cool! maybe I’ll get it since our Xbox broke last week :thinking:

also, thanks IO for fixing the crazy lens flares. :pray: I wish they’d remove them completely but it’s their art style, I respect that they want to keep it in


the first new unlock being (seemingly) a basic reskin kind of sucks… this game suffers from a lack of variety in its guns but this isnt the way to fix it lol


No mention of Lucas Grey in the Sgail Speedboat - I can only hope that it’s been fixed but not included in the patch notes.

To repeat, as I do every time, his unintentional absence from that cutscene looks ABSOLUTELY STUPID, and it will be a real shame if a load of players new to Hitman (via either Steam or Game Pass) have their first experience of the game with the cutscene looking comically broken.


Credit Where It’s Due, 3.100
We’ve updated the in-game credits where needed to reflect work done since the last patch, including new members of the team that have joined.

Didn’t fix the credits for The Procurers though. Still credits “Jack Roe” and “Robert Burk” (aka the targets) as the VAs. lel.


Cross-progression between PC and Xbox is a big yes for me. Although I see myself mainly playing on Series X.
I hope the Windows Store version gets VR support.

Xbox Access
We’ve resolved an issue where some Xbox players could intermittently lose access to content. After an investigation, we’ve identified that players who owned a lot of different Hitman content on the same console were most likely to be affected.

I hope it’s what I understand it to be.

I’ve more than a few time launched the game to just find myself with just the free/public content. I mean I appreciate the Sato Principle escalation, but when it’s the only content the game proposes to you it was a bit frustrating.

Not for me, but

We’ve resolved an issue where audio could abruptly cut out or become muted during gameplay. This issue was especially prominent on PlayStation 5.

It was the main point of contention you could find on reddit Year Two announcement thread (to the point that it was one of top comment and was redirecting a large part of the communication to a negative of the game). So I imagine that it’s not only a good thing for the players, but that it will allow for a healthier communication.

(who am I kidding, it will just redirect to the online requirement, isn’t it)

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Has anyone lost access to the green streak suit?

Amen. After a four month absence of patches, this is disappointing to say the least.

Wouldn´t hold my breath. I expect it to be non-fixed, alongside a plethora of other issues… The lack of mention of so many things in these patch notes leave me immensely sceptical.