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Ghost Mode is still possible, right? With like mods and… some way to join players, but I’m not that tech savvy to recall what method is/was used.

Yeah with the LocalGhost/Peacock server I believe. Tbh I was more referring to the servers in general and not whenever it’s possible with mods.


Been giving some thought to making a new “HMF Targets Rap Battle” thread. What do you all think?

  • Yes, I like to see it back again
  • No, I think it ran it’s course

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I found out that meat production was one of the most contributing factors to global warming.

Let’s say that everyone around the world agreed to ban meat production to combat this…

Which alternative is better?
  • Meatless burgers.
  • Lab grown meat.
  • Bugs (Yes, bugs).
  • Others.

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I really don’t think the entire world going vegan is better for the planet. I personally think sustainable ranching/farming is what’s needed. Ranches should be more localized so that a single or small group of ranches only have to provide meat for a smaller area. And people need to accept that if they live in a place that has harsh winters it just won’t be possible to have tropical fruits/veggies out of season. And that would help modern people who have a massive disconnect with how and where their food comes from, in understanding how food, be it meat, milk, eggs, honey, fruit or veggies, gets from farm to table.
But that’s just my opinion.


In a drawing mood again. Found these two cute templates from this drawing program I use, I’m sure you can easily guess what I’m going to do with them.

That said, which should I draw first?
    1. Bird & Mouse
    1. Person & Bear

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There's also this, which I'm feeling very inspired to use for a 47/Grey pic, but that's for another, more detailed time.

Edit: Holy cow, a difference of one vote. Well, fair’s fair. That one gets opened first.


I’m late (as always), but perhaps trigger the lever when it’s about to reach the crossing, derail the train and sacrifice whoever is inside that couldn’t stop the train properly.


great minds and all that :+1:t4:

The WOA Trilogy is the best thing that happend to the Hitman community:
  • Yes
  • No

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It did pump life into it and it definitely made the series more popular but… it’s not exactly what I was hoping for :stuck_out_tongue:
So yes, it did a good job for the community

  • Original trilogy
  • WoA trilogy

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Blood Money and Absolution:


This is one of the most active communities I’ve been a part of and one of the nicest and this wouldn’t have happened without the WOA trilogy.


Other things wouldn’t have happened without the WOA trilogy as well. Like, the jam thing for example… :no_mouth:


Well it’s the best thing since C47 and SA


Damn, this is so difficult :sweat_smile: It’s getting personal now.

The classics have that nostalgic feeling for me, they remind me of my childhood, the time I grew up. Silent Assassin was one of the very first games I ever played when it came out. I just remember how creepy that scarecrow was for me :joy:

But WOA gave me Grey, in a time, that was very difficult for me (still is). I’m in therapy for a while now and when I first saw Grey there was this huge joy and excitement that remains till now and I know that when I see him it gives me a good feeling. Plus, the WOA trilogy has some of my favourite levels of all time.

It’s hard to decide but I think I will stick with the classics, because they introduced me to the whole franchise. And without the classics there would have been no Grey :blush:

(and Blood Money and Absolution are no part of the classics for me, I just ignore them haha)


Scarecrow? You mean Ivan? Pretty sure he gets less scary once you remember him from C47.



C:47 is the only hitman game I never played :pleading_face: It came out just for PC and after a while it was put on the index, and I was around 12 at that time and I didn’t know how to get access to such games :sweat_smile: I saw some playthroughs on YouTube, but I can’t remember Ivan :confused:


It’s this little rascal.

You meet him in Gunrunner’s and Plutonium :stuck_out_tongue: