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Mortal Kombat fans, we’ve all had the pleasure of doing battle arcoss the realms for many years and I’m curious to know which of these you’d like to visit? Maybe not a vacation but more like ride a tour bus through, maybe checking out your favorite fighting stages.

  • Earthrealm
  • Outworld
  • Nethrrealm
  • Edenia
  • Orderrealm
  • Chaosrealm
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There will be only one realm left, Outworld



You step into a one-way time machine that will take you to the past, and there are three options. How far do you choose to go back?

  • 5 years
  • 50 years
  • 500 years
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50 years ago is 1973. With the knowledge that I have today of what would become Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle, and a few others I could probably make hundreds of millions without doing much more than investing a few hundred in the stock market.

I’d still have almost 30 years of pre-9/11 America to live in (which I remember very clearly). None of this ridiculous partisan politicking that interferes with practically everything today.


The extremely apolitical and bipartisan year of 1973 where absolutely noting major happened in American politics. Picture unrelated


I fear that a fragile young man like me would have a hard time adapting in the 70’s, even if I’m not against the idea. Still probably gonna settle for 5 years. 500 years is crazy though.


Mmm, can’t do anything with that timeline. Needing at least ten years for what I’d accomplish, but no more than 20 or it’d be too far out of range.


Yes, that happened, but Nixon wasn’t the cult of personality that the current guy is/was. There was nothing like the current polarization across the country. Did Watergate have repercussions? Yeah, you bet it did. It resulted in the only time we ever had a president resign, but the country recovered.

It’s interested to think that in the previous presidential election, the one where Nixon actually won his 2nd term, he won in such a landslide. He carried 520 electoral votes (compared to only 17 for the other guy) and won 49 of the 50 states (McGovern won only Massachusetts and DC - he didn’t even carry his own home state of South Dakota).

Yet just a year later Nixon was a pariah who couldn’t win a race for dog catcher.

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I dunno know. I’d rather go back a few million years, see the dinosaurs, and enjoy ancient earth for like five minutes before I got murked by a dino. I really would just want to confirm a pet theory that i have that dinosaurs were just giant fat birds.


But every single political event in America after Watergate has been highly politically charged from Ford’s pardoning of Nixon to the Iran Hostage Crisis to the Petrol Crisis to the Reaganite-era inflation (Hell Reagan in general, that is where it starts getting real bad) then the Gulf War then the Clinton-Lewinsky Sex Scandal and then 9/11.

It seems that in your desire to avoid highly charged and partisan politics you are literally heading to where America did become an intensely divided nation with some of its worst political scandals post-Teapot Dome.


yeah, but at the very start of it, not at the absurd place we are today. I saw a news article about some sort of fashion thing and there were comments about “Brandon” or “MAGA”. On a fashion article!

I’d go back to the 70s in a heartbeat. Was it better than today? Perhaps not, but it was different.

Plus, the only options were 500 years ago, 50 years ago, and 5 years ago. No time in history was “great”. There were always problems. 500 years ago I couldn’t even really speak the same language everyone else was. Diseases were still cured by potions and prayer. Vaccines didn’t exist. Cleanliness meant taking a bath once a month.

5 years ago we’re in the middle of the Trump presidency and about to embark on a global pandemic which killed a lot of people and royally screwed a lot of others. I got through the pandemic quite well, all things being told, but for a lot of people, the pandemic was a really bad time.

So 5 years back, no thank you. 500? Again, no thanks. I’ll take 50 years from those options. It’d put me into the best option for being comfortable for the rest of my life.


Go back and make sure Nixon actually got punished for his crimes and you likely avoid the Republican Party becoming the wretched hive of scum and villainy it is now. Probably still stupid and hateful but they only ever became this brazen after it slipped into the collective consciousness that our elected officials wouldn’t be truly punished, opening the door to Reagan’s bullshit and snowballing from there.

Changed my mind, I’m going back 50 years. And since the description doesn’t say that coming back to the present isn’t an option, I’m making sure Nixon pays one way or another and then disappearing into the future again.


I’d leave plenty of evidence, make absolutely sure that the crime could be pinned to me and watch them try to figure out how a 50 year old cold case could suddenly have a viable suspect who isn’t old enough to have done it.

Firstly, sure, give clues to the fact that time travel is possible so everyone can do it and totally tuck up history, and secondly, leave evidence? Has nobody around here learned nothing from the HPP?!

I have intentionally learned nothing from the HPP, but you already knew that. :wink:


I’d definitely go 50 and so i could see Pulp as though they were new rookies, i can experience one of my favorite years of music, enjoy the hits of the time and enjoy everything considered classic in today’s society as it was made


50, so I could have a chance to attend the majestic 1994 Santa Monica concert by Ebi.


Ooh, for that matter, going back 50 years, I could be there the first time Phil collins played In the Air Tonight onstage, and witness Metallica’s Black Album tour!


See? 50 is clearly the best option!


Caught in the rabbithole of GTA 6 leaks, Im wondering if you all think:

Is GTA 6 gonna get a reveal trailer this year?
  • Yes
  • No
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Do you think the game will be better than GTA V?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Equal
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