Yet another migration issue with Steam and EPIC

Hey folks.

i have successfully linked an IOI email I had with Steam and it seems to have linked all of my in-game progress so far. However, I mistakenly logged in as a different ioi account in game. There is however no button to log out. How exactly do I log out?

My assumption is that if I log in in-game with the IOI account I’ll be able to transfer all progress.

One more thing, I don’t think the transfer itself was completed as the carryover website says “No eligible target accounts found” which I’m guessing should be my Epic games account.

To recap, I can’t log out and can’t attach the appropriate target account to an ioi email I used to play H1+2 on Steam.

In other words, I have all my progress linked to an account with the same email as my steam/IOI accounts and when I logged in with Steam it was able to find the source account and link it butI don’t understand how to link BOTH steam and epic accounts together as you can log in as one or the other but not both…

I’m entirely lost on what to do here.

Thank you!

Go to #player-support.

did you try changing your email on you H2 account to match the other one?


Assuming my time at work is worth $10/h, it took me a few hours to figure it out rendering the $60 price tag of the game I was barely able to import kinda questionable.

With that said, here is what you do if you want to delete metadata saved on your PC: Open any folder and navigate to (exactly) %appdata% - this will show you a folder that has metadata on a bunch of stuff you have installed. regexp is next but beside the point: delete ioi folder and you’ll… not get logged out. you log in on the IOI website and delete your account instead.

  1. delete errneously installed accounts
  2. carryover via steam, then have the same account get the epic games entity as well
  3. run carryover program
  4. enjoy the game crashing before you restart

done! you can now enjoy H3 with no access to sniper challenges of H2 or anything because f*ck you, that’s why. EPIC will not let you have a smooth, seamless experience you worked so hard on because they chose to transfer these accounts in the same way you transfer a dogshit- in a little baggie, except there is no trash can

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Just to recap (because this is what was hard to wrap my head around)

You need ONE ioi account exactly. This is what you use to login inside of the game. If you already logged in as something else you have to delete the link online by logging into that account first - then the game will lose the connection to that account (and saves presumably).

Next, you have to connect both Steam and EPIC game accounts to the same IOI account. Once you log in as that IOI account in game, you’ll get all of your achievements, items, experience, everything, all at once.

Hey IOI, why don’t you hire me as your PR man? I just explained what the first 5 pages of google could not.

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Oh yeah, and, you can’t log OUT once you log in in game, you can only sever that connection when you’re online and accessing your IOI account - whether that be steam, IOI or whatever else. That took me a second. You can nuke your local cloud files but you’ll still be “logged in” even if you associated your xfer account with something else.

Let’s just say that for a $60 flagship game this if f*cking pathetic, underwhelming and just a huge middle finger to the fans who pay big money for your game when you can just get the cracked version in 10 minutes that - gasp of the audience - works.

Try this:

Got everything working but it’s still unacceptable for a $60 product.

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why do I need to be technically proficient and troll forums to get my game to work? it’s unreal. What’s next, EA purchases IOI?

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