Your 5 Favourite Kills in the WoA Trilogy (spoilers)

Now that HITMAN 3 is out and we’ve had a chance to play through it, what have been your favourite kills on any official target in the WoA trilogy? Not necessarily your favourite target (otherwise we’re just getting a bunch of Dawood posts!), but your favourite target-specific kills.

Let’s restrict it to your top 5 as there are so many to choose from - name your target and the specific kill that you love doing to them. Here’s mine:

  1. Zoe Washington - burning alive in Phoenix effigy
  2. Don Archibald Yates - Diana stabs him, 47 finishes the job with a letter opener
  3. Eric Soders - 47 throws the right-sided heart in the trash
  4. Jordan Cross - 47 shoots him whilst sat down, a contract is a contract
  5. Francesca de Santis - poison while blending in as the Golf Coach (just for Franny’s, “Roberto, how COULD you?!”)

Okay, go! :grin:

  1. Sierra Knox - Getting Robert to blow her up via remote explosive
  2. Viktor Novikov - The Showstopper. The kill that got me REALLY wanting to play Hitman after a lukewarm first experience with Absolution.
  3. Banner/Montgomery - Electrocution via sloppy light rig.
  4. Jordan Cross - Electrocution via Branson MD-2. I played Hitman 2016 ages before I went back to college for music production/engineering but oh my god everything about this opportunity is spot on when it comes to peoples’ insistence on using specific gear.
  5. Alma Reynard - Katana while brushing her teeth.

Eric Soders - Trashed Heart
Jordan Cross - Cake Face
Viktor & Dalia Double Kill - Premature Fireworks
Yuki Yamazaki - Sauna Staredown
Zoe Washington - Flight of the Phoenix

My 5 for now (giving them all stupid names lol) in no order.

Probably some good ones in 3 I haven’t done yet.

  1. Don Archibald Yates - Diana stabs him, 47 finishes him with letter opener
  2. Agents (Berlin) - Light Tree malfunctions
  3. Erich Soders - 47 gives him a heart attack
  4. Sierra and Robert Knox - 47 kicks Robert onto Sierra’s car, killing them both
  5. Viktor Novikov - Light rig falls on the catwalk
  1. Dawood & Vanya - Kashmirian proxy kill
  2. Vanya & Maelstrom - Train derail kill
  3. Nolan Cassidy - basement security system
  4. Hush & Royce - Bullet Points/ Big Bada Boom after the All-Seeing Eyes story (one of the easiest SA/SO from storyline)
  5. Silvio Caruso - Shooting down his plane with an antique cannon

Shah and Kale with the runaway train
Zoe with the sabotaged effigy
Pushing Robert Knox onto Sierra
Making Alexa Carlisle kill herself
Obliterating The Constant’s personality


Not in order:

Sean Rose going crazy because of drugs
Tamara Vidal killed by Archibald Yates
Dropping Dalia on Viktor
Stabbing Soders with the machine
Make the Constant forget everything

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Only order here is from the beginning of EoA:

  1. “Jasper Knight” - Flying Colors
  2. Marco Abiati - Vai Con Dio
  3. Yuki Yamazaki - A Bit of a Stretch
  4. Rico Delgado - A Bite Out of Crime
  5. Vanya Shah & The Maelstrom - Everybody on Board - this one was amazing and doubles as special mission exit!

There are definitely more.

  1. Don Yates - Diana stabs him
  2. Marco Abiatti - Impaled on spire
  3. Mark Faba - Pen kill
  4. Eric Soders - Destroying his new heart
  5. Tamara Vidal - Executed by Yates’ guards

I’ll have to replay the series to be sure but off the top of my head these are what jump out to me the most


That’s difficult to say, there are many really great ones. But one I’ve got so far:

  1. Impaling Abiatti on spike under church tower
  2. Falling lighting rig on Novikov
  3. Throwing Zaydan into press printer
  4. Kicking Athena thorugh clock
  5. Eliminating Montgomery and co. in a massive shootout - it’s just so out of touch for Hitman it’s awesome

5: Rangan - Fan kill (I love sending anyone flying with the fan)

4: Yates - Stabbed by Diana (his guard executing Vidal is a great moment too)

3: Caruso - Plane shot down

2: Banner/Montgomery - Light show

1: Shah/Kale - Train kill

Subject to change as I play more of 3, especially need to explore Chongqing more. I thought about putting in the Kashmirian kills but felt that might be too much Mumbai. I love Mumbai a lot.


Abiatti - impaled on the church spike
Cross - “a contract is a contract”
Rangan - sniped by Kashmirian when disguised as the artist
Soders - heart attack by a mere sight of 47
Zoe - electrocuted when disguised as the Initiate

Honorable mention: Zeydan - neck snapped when disguised as the prisoner


Really hard to come up with just five, seeing how many unique kills there are, especially in H3. :smile:

  1. Montgomery & Banner - Electrocuted with the light show
  2. Tamara Vidal - Executed by Yates’ head of security
  3. Sierra Knox - Blown up with a car bomb detonated by her own father
  4. Jordan Cross - Shot after confronted in his room
  5. Alexa Carlisle - Made commit suicide

Honorable mention would go to Soders getting stabbed by the robot arms. The train kill is awesome too. Heck, making top lists is not easy.


My favorite kills and ‘kills’, in no particular order.

  • Jordan Cross - pushing him onto that glass platform, cracking under his weight, and then falling to his demise.

  • Adalrico Candelaria - subduing his guards and/or distracting them, and then crushing Candelaria with the church bell.

  • Arthur Edwards - where he forgets everything, a fate that’s arguably worse than death.

  • Wazir Kale and Vanya Shah - running a train through the both of them, and then proceeding to escape on that very same train.

  • Don Archibald Yates - incapacitated by Diana, and then finished off by 47 with a stab to the chest.

I would also love to put pretty much every story kill from Mendoza on the list, in particular, the ones where Yates’s guard executes Vidal, or where the sniper team shoots Vidal, or even the one where Yates’s wife shoves him over the balcony.



You are the first other than me that I am noticing picked that train double kill

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  1. Don Yates- Having Diana stab him and Agent 47 finish him off
  2. Silvio Caruso- Having his throat slit while watching the VHS tapes
  3. Zoe Washington- Stabbed during Janus’ funeral service
  4. Yuki Yamazaki- Having her die of heat stroke in the sauna
  5. Alma Reynard- Having her drown herself in the ocean

Who else cant decide five alone? Im currently replaying the game, since I didnt carry over my progress. And my god, I cant possibly decide five alone.



That’s the point! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There are so many good ones to choose from, which of your darlings will you kill to leave you only the very best?

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What I love about the Hitman games is even the weakest scripted kill is still brilliant. People who are worried about the impact violent video games have on society should just play these games. There’s no reason to hurt people in boring ways IRL when you can load up Hitman and easily drop a big ol’ lighting rig on some jerk or literally throw someone’s heart in the garbage.

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Rick James style.

Fuck yo heart,