47's "Canon" Pistols for Each Location

I have guessed his “canon” choice of pistols based on menu images featured in-game.

About the appearance of ICA19, I considered the H1&H2 version and the H3 version the same. And while the one featured in H1 locations looks closer to Black Trinity, you could argue that technically Black Trinity didn’t exist until H3 and the one in those pictures is just beta ICA19, so I wrote both names.

Expand to see the basis and the “alternative”. Texts with * mean no evidence could be found within the location and was speculated based on related cinematics or out-of-game materials.

ICA Facility: ICA19

The only available starting pistol for the location.

Paris: ICA19 or ICA19 Black Trinity

The image for the challenge “A Break from the Auction” features the beta design of ICA19.

Sapienza: ICA19 or ICA19 Black Trinity

The image for the challenge “.45 Therapy” features the beta design of ICA19.

Marrakesh: ICA19*

Primarily featured in promotional materials.

Bangkok: ICA19*

Primarily featured in promotional materials.

Colorado: ICA19

Featured in “Freedom Fighters” mission image.

Hokkaido: None/ICA19(Patient Zero)

No pistol can be brought into the mission without Mastery Levels.

(Alternative: ICA19 or ICA19 Black Trinity - The image for the challenge “A Personal Goodbye” features the beta design of ICA19.


Patient Zero: Featured in the mission image

Hawke's Bay: ICA19

The original HITMAN 2 immediately starts the mission with the default loadout(ICA19, Fiberwire, Coins) upon the first start.

Miami: None

No pistol can be brought into the mission without Mastery Levels.

Santa Fortuna: ICA19 Chrome

Featured in “Embrace Of The Serpent” mission image.

Mumbai: ICA19 Chrome

Featured in “Illusion Of Grandeur” mission image.

Whittleton Creek: ICA19

Featured in “A Bitter Pill” mission image.

Isle of Sgàil: Unknown
New York: ICA19 or a black variation of it*

47 assembles what seems to be a black 1911 pistol in the briefing.

Haven Island: ICA19

Featured in “A Lucrative Opportunity” mission story image.

Dubai: None

No pistol can be brought into the mission via the default starting location(new game).

(Alternative: ICA19 - Featured in “Waiter Cater” challenge image.


Dartmoor: ICA19 Black Trinity/ICA19 Chrome(The Dartmoor Garden Show)

Featured in “Death In The Family” mission image and various challenge images.

The Dartmoor Garden Show: Featured in the escalation image (I don’t think what we do in it is canon, but I still wanted to include it)

Berlin: None

No pistol can be brought into the mission via the default starting location(new game).

(Alternative: ICA19 Black Lily - Featured in “Apex Predator” mission image and various challenge images.


Chongqing: ICA19 Silverballer*

Primarily featured in promotional materials. And it fits the default suit and the location the best.

Mendoza: ICA19 Chrome*

Featured in the following cinematic.

Carpathian Mountains: None

No pistol can be brought into the mission.

Ambrose Island: ICA19

Featured in “Shadows in the Water” mission image.

If you have your own opinion or found something I have missed, feel free to leave it here!

Edit: Added images and more guesses.
Edit 2: Polished the post. Added Ambrose Island.


Personally, I always felt that he would have canonically brought the Silverballers each time, with the exception of the training mission, where it’s the ICA19, and when he went to see Grey at the institute, because he’s holding the Black Lilly. We also know that he had the Silverballer with him in Mendoza since he drew it on Diana at the end, but he also clearly had the Black Lilly since Edwards had it on the train at the end, in the back closet. I’m guessing the Silverballers were out elsewhere and he’ll have to track them down like he did in Absolution.


For Chongqing, I figure 47 would canonically bring his signature pistol to bring about the end of the life he has so long led by said pistol – the ICA19 Silverballer. And there’s this, which is an official shot from IOI from before HITMAN 3’s release. (source)


I thought the same thing. I always assumed he would wear his signature suit with gloves for all missions (except ICA Facility and Hawke’s Bay), with Silverballer being his main choice of weapon. But my theory was debunked by H3, featuring 47 canonically wearing different suits for each mission(even without gloves!). That was when my theory started to change, and now I believe that what we see in the mission images is the closest to the canon.

It’s Black Trinity.

Many people seem confused, but that is actually ICA19 Chrome. You can see the leather grip is missing if you look closely. And because Chrome has different tones of the material for the body and the suppressor, the suppressor may look “black” under certain lighting. You can also see white markings on the suppressor in the cinematic, whereas Silverballer has black markings.

Given the ICA computers in the train, it could have been taken from the ICA’s storage. But your “secondary weapon” theory also makes sense.

I plan to go through all the promotional materials and make guesses from them. I will update the post later.

I disagree on that due to gameplay/story segregation. 47 may be starting the levels with particular suits and equipment (gameplay), but in-story he would have the proper equipment with him, and may or may not have worn his signature suit or gloved versions of his default map suits (story). That’s why I play out the proper opening sequences of the level, but once I get to a specific point, I restart the level from a different starting point with the proper suit and equipment, allowing the story to match up with the gameplay in the best way allowed.

The three maps where this is needed are: in Dubai, once I have 47 walk through the curtain where he gets the Ashen suit, I restart in the lobby with what I need. In Berlin, at the point where you encounter Agent Price, I restart at the shack location. And in Mendoza, after the scene with Diana, I walk to the the spot where you can begin in the parking lot, and then restart from there.

For other maps where there’s a cutscene showing a different suit, I just assume that in Colorado 47 grabbed another outfit as a disguise after leaving the basement, that in New York he took off his coat between walking through the bank doors and entering the lobby, and in Dartmoor he changed out of the outfit he had in the cutscene with Grey into whatever I pick by the time he rides the motorcycle to the place where he parks it.

These methods allow the story to proceed with how one images it should have and would have gone, had IO’s decisions with gameplay and cutscenes not set it for us. So 47 could canonically taken his signature suit and Silverballers to all locations except in the training missions, the second half of Patient Zero, and the train in Romania.

The Black Trinity didn’t exist at that time. It was an exclusive item made only for H3, for those who preordered. We see the Black Lilly in 47’s briefcase in the cutscene after Hawke’s Bay, and we are left to assume that he had commissioned the customization of it from a normal ICA19 to meet his specifications, making it a black version of his usual pistols, with his fleur de lis insignia on it and everything, and that he had just received it and was preparing to begin using it in the field, and we see that when he meets Grey. It’s features may look like the Black Trinity, but that’s just design discrepancies and gameplay/cutscene segregation. It’s the Black Lilly.

Again, design discrepancies for the cutscenes. As it is, the ICA19 Chrome is meant to harken back to H2:SA when the Silverballers had chrome suppressors instead of black. IO likely just used the ICA19 Chrome model and tweaked it so that the suppressor looked black and thought nobody would notice the grips due to 47 holding it in his gloved hand if one followed the path where he ends up in Yates’s copy of his signature suit. It’s the Silverballer.

black trinity for each mission.

i don’t like the “silverballer”. it ain’t the real baller to me. the details are all wrong. the other ICA19s aren’t good either. the black lily pistol is just the blackballer from wish


It’s the actual in-game model of the ICA19 Chrome, no modifications. Definitely not the Silverballer.

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Then we could call it beta ICA19 or Hero Pistol Tactical Silenced Base.

Personally, with WoA’s live-service nature, I would say that it is Trinity, just shown in the cinematics first and then added to the game later.

I don’t think it was tweaked. The suppressor looks quite dark, almost close to black when used in Mendoza due to the lighting. The same thing could be happening in the cinematic.

Well, one could consider it Silverballer, just not ICA19 Silverballer.

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Again, it’s meant to be the Silverballer, and IO just used the Chrome model, for reasons unknown. Lore-wise, it’s the Silverballer.

The pistol 47 has on him when reuniting with Grey doesn’t look exactly like the Black Lily or Black Trinity. Really, the only thing that sticks out as being similar to the Black Lily is the placing of the lily insignia. That’s it. But it’s not an exact Black Trinity either; more like an ~80% Black Trinity.

Proto ICA19 Black Trinity, perhaps? As HITMAN 2 cinematics are not in-engine, creative liberties were probably taken.

Lore-wise, it’s the ICA19 Chrome because that’s what he’s holding in the canonical cutscene in Mendoza. Anything else is speculation.




As I said; cutscene detail discrepancies. It’s meant to be the Black Lilly.

See above.

I always take 47’s SilverBallers as that’s his trademark weapon.

That applies to the chrome and gold baller as well :wink:


I would like to hear more reasons why we should actively ignore details other than your personal belief.

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You started this thread asking for opinions and input on what we think of the subject. I’d like you to explain how that can be anything other than personal belief. Otherwise, why would you ask?

In any case, I’ve already answered that; cutscene discrepancies and gameplay/story segregation inconsistencies. They happen all the time and they’ve happened in these games too.

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Sorry if I misunderstood you. It is OK to present a personal belief, and I have no problem with what the others believe. However, when the part where your theory does not match the actual details presented was pointed out, you tried to argue that your theory is a more authentic way of interpreting things. Or at least that was how it seemed to me.

To me, you looked like you had a firm belief in your theory, so I assumed that you must have solid grounds for it. I was just genuinely curious.

When details do not support my theory, I like interpreting them as they are rather than assuming they are wrong.

I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one.

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Normally I’d respond, but I’m worn out from other arguments right now, so nvm.

I think for new York 47 would have the Black Lily, because as you said we can see that 47 is assembling a 1911 style weapon, but I looked at all the parts that were laid out on the table. And the only part that led me to this conclusion is the hammer which looks silver and the Black Lily is the only black pistol with a silver hammer. The ICA 19 has a black one. The Black Trinity hammer is not a ring hammer. So yeah, that’s my conclusion. New York: Black Lily

Well, that just means he’s assembling it, likely after cleaning. 47 seems to be the type to do this regularly. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s using it for that specific mission.

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Could you let me know where the hammer is? I’m no weapon expert, so I have a hard time finding it.