AMBROSE ISLAND, Andaman Sea (Mission #7) - Location Discussion

Boom World First Babay.


Yea I am a bit disappointed to be honest, I was hoping for some new Mission Stories because there were not so many in Hitman 3 :neutral_face:


I mean, there are some hidden Mission Stories. The same way that the other Hitman III missions only had three of them visible, but more hidden.

Some are talked about directly by Grey once you sight a target, some a hinted at by the challenges, some are hinted at by NPC chatters.

For what I have seen, some a even rather complex (meetings, proxy killing…). So at least it doesn’t mean anything of the “the map is a sloppy half done job” sort.


Okay, booting up my PS4 now, I can get in the game and servers are online.

When looking at the Shadows in the Water mission, I notice that it is missing the five Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Sniper Assassin challenges in the Challenges tab.

This can’t be right, right?

Edit: “The Classics” is the term I was looking for.


I haven’t even touched this mission yet and I’ve already got
Challenge Completion 9/53
Total Completion 16%



Yes, exactly what I just noticed. It’s from the “Silent Assassin” related challenges (e.g., Sniper Assassin x12, x17, etc)

No mission story guides I can live with… but the “classics” challenges are all missing as well. Oof.

If feel like they put the wrong challenges in the “classics” category.


Shit, whoever wrote the target descriptions really went all out. Kinda wish those paragraphs were smaller…

He’s Back!!!


OMG I love the guerilla wetsuit’s boots.

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Sigma male grindset


There’s a Monkey Island reference. My life is complete.

(I mean I know it was in Sapienza but I’m glad they put it in here as well.)

Immediately after finishing my “out-of-office” message I received the email from IOI about this map’s release.
The universe’s signals must be respected!

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I guess it never occurred to IOI to upgrade their servers? It’s completely overloaded(of course…what I was told, is that the servers are “down for maintenance.” What a crock of dung. I would expect such goings on with Rockstar’s GTA 5 online…but not Hitman. I guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks for the popularity of Ambrose Island to die down…before I can play this(as I am not among the privileged masses of Europe, where they have a 5 to 6 hour head start, to dominate the servers.) Hmmm…must be nice…

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But this is far more egregious. This isn’t just a switch between games or even a section of a game, like the change between most of H2 to New York and Haven; this is a switch between missions, and then a switch back. Sloppy as hell.

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Ambrose has only 19 mastery levels, does this happen to anyone else or only me?


I’m enjoying the map a lot! Also gotta compliment IO for managing to mix social stealth with cover ups. This location is perfect in the sense of you being able to dress with combat fatigues or tactical clothing and makes perfect sense to let yourself being seen in the open since this place is a hot spot for pirates and mercenaries to hang around.


Same for me too, hopefully they add it soon and the Silent Assassin challenges etc

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It’s a server bug. There are 20 levels. The 20th level should appear soon :slight_smile:


Getting better SASO