Cannot access h2 dlc in h3

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Emailed about this on launch day, still have yet to receive a response.

Essentially, although I have the Hitman 2 dlc within h2, it does not consider me eligible for the hitman 2 expansion pass access pass in h3.

For background, I got hitman 2 on disk for ps4 and bought the expansion pass dlc for it way after it was released.

Now that I have h3 on disk for ps4, it allowed me to redeem h1, h1 goty, and h2 standard directly from the h3 in-game store. But it still lists the expansion pass as one of the upgrades in the in-game store.

So I tried to redeem the access pass in h2, but only got the option to redeem the standard edition again, and not the expansion pass or the gold edition (which I would assume I should get because I have all of the gold edition content).

In the hitman 3 add-ons section in the ps4 store, the access passes for hitman 2: expansion pass and hitman 2: gold edition are listed at full price.

So, what gives? Have not seen a single other person with this issue.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting access to the levels. The Expansion Access Pass should be free through the in-game store or the PS Store, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

But to bring this to IO’s attention, you should post your problem to this thread:

Hopefully someone there will be able to help you out.

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