Can't connect to server

I have had a recurring problem since I got hitman, 3 it happened a few weeks ago the first time, it goes offline and I can’t reconnect,

I’m playing on xbox,
Litteraly it gets stuck on connecting,
Connecting to hitman server please wait,

It never times out does not give me an error message just stuck like this,
I have tried everything, restarting, reconnecting the WiFi whatever else I found on the forum,

Then I reinstalled the game,

Last time I did that I lost all my progress on hitman 1.2.3 it no longer used the digital deluxe packs I had from before,
But ok I could live with it, it’s a great game,

Then yesterday it happened again,
Tried everything again and nothing,
I am about to reinstall it for a second time,
But if I lose all my progress again, I doubt I will want to play hitman again,

Also I will hound ioi for a refund :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:,

Anyway any advice or tips would be great as I really love this game

It’s unlikely to happen since all users’ progresses are saved and accessed on IOI’s servers. I am not sure why you lost them. Did you mean progress like mastery levels, unlocked weapons, and challenges?

There was a temporary server maintenance yesterday. Whenever it happens, I’d suggest you visit this website to check out status of all servers. If you still cannot connect, please post this issue again under the official technical thread.


Yes everything everything, started the whole game from scratch, it should not happen but it did,

As for connecting to the server, it has been like this for more then 24 hours and I have checked if the servers are up or not,

I am feeling special though

Then perhaps it is indeed a special case that unfortunately happened to you. This is beyond my knowledge, so you will need official support. Click the following thread and make a reply. List as many details as possible, even better with some screenshots. I hope this will get resolved so you can enjoy the game again as soon as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you aware of what the “pause download” button is? Are you aware of the fact that you’re missing most of the game’s features by playing a cracked version of the game? Did you know that the game is actually around 65gb and not 30-40 like the repack you use?


are you aware that the game took up about 66gb

that includes all of the missions
No shit

That literally does not exist in Hitman 3, I’m not sure why you’re mentioning this in the first place

are you aware that you’re a stupid fucking idiot