Community Featured Contracts - December 20th (Urben)

Happy holidays!

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Broken Sled
Chongqing contract by @Sniff Mendoza contract by @Switcher
As The Block got to working to research their tech, Santa stood in the rain with his contract and cheque.
He read the conditions, telling him to explode, the naughty kids residing in Hush’s humble abode.
After planning this ploy, Santa unveiled a surprise: For ‘twas not St. Nick, but 47 in disguise!
He searched for a propane, but alas - no avail. To find one, he would, if he weren’t to fail.
While the jolly big dude meets his client’s demand, Remember to spend Christmas with family on-hand.
Ho Ho… No, Agent 47, we ran into some issues with Santa this year, sadly, Santa’s Sled was butchered on Urben’s rooftop because Urben, specifically, hates winter.
Santa now can not slide around Mendoza and sent out gifts to everyone, so you must do it for him, Merry Christmas 47.

Holy Xmas 10 Gifts With History
Dubai contract by @djsojus Mendoza contract by me
Happy Holidays, 47! As a treat you’re allowed to go wild with the HX-10. We’ve selected some people that were bad this year, So no hard feelings. Go wild!

(Find a HX-10 locked away in the deposit room near the elevators or another in a security room on level 2)
Not everything always has to be new. For a traditional celebration, there should also be gifts with their own past.
I am sure you recognize the value of such things and add to them. In your own way,

(Find the wetsuit and a fire axe in or near the armory below the mansion)

Thanks for all the submissions! It was a tough choice but I am happy with the selection.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town was my early favorite among the submissions. It is the hardest one of the batch but also because it has some more problems to solve. It can get loud in the block, and if you decided to pacify half of it, the other half likely finds bodies you left behind.
Holy Xmas 10 was the modded contract I liked the most. I think it can be fun to shoot one target loudly into an elevator and deal with the main target going on lockdown when you killed his bodyguard on your way further up.
I was unsure about having two Mendoza contracts but I wanted to add a more freeform contract and Broken Sled was the one I liked the most. And I think it is different enough to mine where you have to manage your suits carefully to get an advantage either for your time score or for bringing around the fire axe.

Also thanks to @Khakiasp for providing the sick logo for me! After I placed all submitted logos on the tiles, I picked the one that fit the best. And a non-circular logo is not only more unique, it also is hiding less from the contract images. Thanks to all logo designers for your submissions!

Have fun!

Here are the contracts I liked too but sadly did not fit into such a small batch anymore in no particular order:

Contract Name
Contract ID
Secret Satan @ColdDayInHell 1-29-8944238-89
A nice contract that encourages setting up explosive traps in Berlin.
Sniper Assassin: Holiday Edition @PapaLevy 1-30-0372408-53
Sniper contract in Chongqing with targets from roofs down tot he facility.
RFID Gift Bombs !!! @zubin47 1-27-0740095-89
Also a contract that offers setting up traps in Dubai, though it does not require it.
Santa’s Workshop Strike @Kevin_Rudd 1-31-2621691-04
Build your loud gun and kill winery workers with it. Works best if approached tactically.
Penthouse Snowball Wars Urben 1-27-7153001-28
A more casual, explosive contract in front of Dubai’s penthouse.

The blended mission pictures in pairs are pretty.

Congratulations to @djsojus, @Sniff, and @Switcher for being selected.
And also @Urben, for being selected by himself for a fourth contract on this batch.

Happy Holidays everyone !


Holy mother of fuck that was a very long, long wait, also this convo had me worried but wow letss goooo!


There was a lot of contracts here, congrats folks. I guess my next option is to create a contract with someone else that appeals to a group I haven’t been a part of for a month.
Yeah, easy. Hyped for a, uh…first… featured contract.
I’m not up to something, you are.


Congrats to all the picks, except @Urben for his self-serving interests and ignoring the Xbox submissions. :wink:

I look forward to playing these contracts over the holidays.

And congrats to Urben for having the curation for this month and time of year, I couldn’t think of a better person for this.


Wow! Didn’t expect this at all! Thanks for picking one of my contracts! Really looking forward to playing those other FC – and of course “The Best of the Rest”.


Holyyy cannoli, thank you @Urben its a great honor that you chose my logo! Awesome looking contracts everyone!


To be fair, IOI only figured out what Xboxes are a few months ago… And, I can’t fault him too much because I was worried he was going to take a spot not add one… But, yeah, what an asshole! :rofl:

Anyway, congrats to all the selectees and I now look forward to trying and failing to please @Frote7:sob:

Happy holidays!


Hah! Nice touch.


Hah did not think this will be found that quickly. :joy:


Congratulations to @Switcher @Sniff @djsojus !

Idk why but I have a feeling that Urban guy bribed the curator for his contract in this batch.


Congrats to all of those contracts who were picked. I am going to play them later tonight. Sadly my contract wasn’t picked :disappointed:


Congratz to the winners. Cheers to Urben for picking the best :clinking_glasses:


Congrats to the guys who their contracts were picked! I leave you to prepare agents!


idk if anyone wants the high-res version of the logo (for use in thumbnails or something idk) used in the urben contracts, but here it is anyway


Seems I read once why Urben’s logo is with covered face and with green in particular, but it was way long ago and I don’t remember.
Can you share the story, @Urben?

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I hear Urben is sleeping with the curator. :laughing:


That’s not quite how it’ll be decided, you’ll need to join the discord server to join their contract jam challenge starting next month.


@djsojus nice one!

Holy Xmas 10 (2:47)


Either way… it’s unlikely I’ll get picked but I might give it a try :grin: