Community Featured Contracts - June 2021 "PRIDE"

Fall of the Carlisles by SnakeHeis (aka @Mr.17)
Daily Exercise 47: Berlin Run by @ilovewombats2
Peak Ingenuity by @Urben

Congrats to all (3) who were chosen!

[Personally I think the thumbnails would look better without the “Hitman Community” icon, but that’s just me]


Congrats guys! Better brush up on my Berlin knowledge :grimacing:


Congrats to all of featured creators! @ilovewombats2 , @Urben and @Mr.17 !


Clemens chose some brilliant contracts, congrats to all their creators!


Congrats to those chosen. Now I have the sin of ENVY! :smile:

Was anything revealed about the new selection criteria, or is the HMF community back to guessing? I didn’t see anything in the submissions thread, I am not sure if it was discussed elsewhere.


Excuse me, but Daily Exercise 47: Berlin Run is a bad contract.
Because I don’t like time limits and not a big admirer of Sniper Assassin


Nothing’s been said on that, but judging what Clemens posted on the submissions thread, I’m assuming he’s choosing three contracts for different categories. One that requires careful thinking/planning, one that uses a specific gameplay style and one that has an impressive briefing.


All three are completed. I didn’t bother with any of the suit-only complications but otherwise, they were Ok. I managed to finish the Daily Exercise one with 1 second to spare too, which really surprised me since I don’t usually bother with time limits either. Anyway, contracts done. Two more to whatever unlocks at Tier 5!


Congrats to the creators of the picked contracts!
Agents, I’ll leave you to prepare!


Very fun (and challenging) set of contracts this time.

I felt some pride of my own when I got a good run on the Berlin contract without using weird bugs although there is some weird stuff happening with the targets near the entrance, lol , which was then abruptly lessened by someone cutting off 18 seconds of my time three seconds later.

Maybe I will try playing it like an actual Sniper later :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! Thank you all for your congratulations. Special thanks to @Clemens_IOI – I am glad to return the featured contracts from the community. As for me, this gives even more motivation to make such content!


Well done to everyone!


Congratulations to the community members who got selected.


Thank you so much @Clemens_IOI for all your hard work and especially going through easily more than 60 featured contract submissions lol. Thanks for busting your ass for the happiness of this community.


@mijlobbetiw Great job!!

For myself, I did not use any bugs in making this contract.

And yes there is weird stuff happening there at the end!! Why did they form the human centipede?? I was under the impression that at least one of them would go to the receptacle near the bouncer or frisker, in order to puke there…

I used zero emetic tools or weapons for this contract. So I did not know…it is weird…

that is one of the joys of featured contracts. I get to see how the brilliant geniuses here do it. My own personal best is 1 min 45 sec. How do it in 1 min 30 seconds…is beyond me…

Thats why i love hitman. Different perspectives and different solutions keep challenging the human mindset and pushing one’s limits.

Edit: 1 MIN 6 SECONDS ROUSSJ. God I suck.


Someone already got something like 1:06 last time I checked, so you can be far faster. As you say, that is a big part of the fun of contracts mode.

I have no idea why the human centipede is formed, but it happened semi-consistently for me. Even in the case that someone pukes in the right spot (which is in the hallway after the sticker room, right across the sitting guard) I think I would be good though, just a bit slower as you need to distract some more. For this contract, getting a SA in 2;15 is already quite difficult, so I would still be happy :slight_smile:.

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Really happy yours got selected. The day you posted it, I told myself that this is definitely getting selected.


congratulations to the members who got selected! There were so many great contracts


Just amazing. You’re an absolute pro on this map.

Ngl, had to try this out myself. Damn fun route.

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