Differences between the difficulty levels in Hitman 3

When Hitman 2 came out and the difficulty levels were introduced there were differences between item locations, Cameras, and Enforcers at Casual, Professional, and Master. Various items that could be found at Casual would no be there in Pro and Master and there were more Cameras and Enforcers at Master as there were at Professional. When I played Haven Island I noticed that what items were found at Casual remained the same at both Pro and Master. The number of Enforcers remained the same between the three levels and the number of Cameras also remained the same between Pro and Master.

When I played Dubai I also noticed that this mission did the same thing. I thought it was because it was the first mission and that was it supposed to be a bit easier at the start and would change later on. Now I am playing Dartmoor and it looks like this mission too has no changes in item placement and Enforcers between the levels.

Did IOI make a change in gameplay for Hitman 3 to where there are no changes for item placement, Cameras, and Enforcers for the difficulty levels on all six maps?


I think there is a noticeable difference from Master in Hitman 2016 & Hitman 2 compared to Hitman 3.

I believe this subject has come up before with a fair few people coming to the same conclusion.

I haven’t tried Master difficulty on H3 yet, but if what you’re saying is true then that actually sounds more appealing to me. I always found it annoying when playing Pro/Master in the previous games that they would remove items and add lots of extra cameras. These sorts of changes don’t really increase the difficulty of the game, they just create extra busy work and undermine the good map knowledge you’ve developed.


master mode on hitman 3 maps dosen’t have any extra enforcers and cameras despite the difficulty description saying so.


I havent tried master in H3 yet. If that is indeed all missing in master mode, what are the differences then?

There are several threads speaking about the (absence of) differences between Pro and Master on H3 maps.


Currently, only that difference has been spotted between Pro and Master on H3 maps.

Except that, we can also add the one-save limit for Master mode, between spotted quicker and running footsteps can be heard. Very small compared to H1 master maps.

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Cheers for the answer. I really hope that isnt all. I know the one save limit is biggest thing anyway when it comes to difficulty levels. But still, i would like for them to have been altered a little more. It was always nice to have extra cameras and guards.

I must check that out myself and see if i can spot anything.

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I think there’s an extra enforcer or two in some levels. I saw a photograph of Mendoza and if you start as a chef in Master you’re face to face with an enforcer not in other modes

and that’s the only extra enforcer in all of hitman 3’s master mode.