Dubai ragdoll glitch

I have found a glitch were if u start as the penthouse staff in dubai and go into the room at the top floor with 3penthouse staff you will need to knock the staff out and drag there bodies to the counter near the staircase if done right u should see u can dump them on the counter then will ether jump in the air get stuck in the box or lay on the counter but doing so the body is hidden I’ve made a contract XBOX ONLY I’d is 327 900473750 if u want any clips or other contracts add Crystalchar2318 on xbox


Regarding the glitch you’ve just found, you may report it in the following official thread:

Or else, you may also post your discovery in the thread to let other members know. Ideally with images or a video clip, of course. :wink:

Saw this earlier on Crewdy’s stream. I think this one’s a good contender for the “Things you just found out” thread", could see some contracts, including this one of mine:

being made a bit different from it. Zaman can be completely hidden, which is very interesting

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