Elusive Target #14: THE BOOKKEEPER (15 - 25 October 2021)

And here is the video.


This ET really shows how the items added to the game in H2/H3 can really break content created back for H1. If you tranq the target, his entire security team will run away to go alert the nearest guards which leaves his tranq’d body alone for you to do whatever you want to it.


Ya but you lose SA. No?

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I dealt with him by electrocuting the puddle which he crosses.
Twitch let me down, so no video this time. But it’s not that interesting to be honest


Not necessarily since you can use it to isolate him for a cheap propane kill without having to worry about getting a guard. If you do it in the right place, you could snap his neck and hide the body, you could dump him out a window and its an accident, or you could move the body under the chandelier in the house and then shoot it down.


I got the suit! Hallelujah.
Fart briefcased his four guards.
Wanted to put a micro bomb at a car he passes but then saw he went in the house alone. I ko’ed Him with the bomb when he walked up the stairs, dragged him near the box, broke his neck, GOT CAUGHT DOING THAT, ran upstairs to get my starting hackers disguise back where I left it near the ledger, took the ledger, and escaped amid a frenzy by jumping off the roof in the backyard.
Still trembling.
No SA.
But I got my suit!!!


These 3 sentences are the absolute best way to experience an ET, in my opinion. Skin of the teeth runs are always just so memorable.


The most difficult thing about this was forcing him go first to check on hackers and their wacky shenanigans with buying overpriced CPU’s and investing in crypto. After that, everything was literally only matter of coin and not getting caught by other hackers. Originally wanted to struck him with ram, but after I saw that @theWizard did it, I decided not to (sick kill, btw!)


Got him SA. Had to restart once because of a quite unfair event that I discovered after a luring attempt. Second one went smooth without issue. Jeez. Now I remember why back in 2016 I got him with a fire extinguisher. :T


Huh? You said tranq him. I’m confused

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Tranqs don’t cause you to lose SA…


On the target? Thought it did. My bad then.


Yeah tranqs are fine on both targets and non-targets, they won’t void No Bodies Found unless you drag the tranqed NPC afterwards.


Seems kinda counterintuitive that the only ways of accidental KOing a target without voiding SA are the two methods that are most clearly able to be determined as not accidents but the work of an outside party. You would think rakes, banana peels and puddles would be especially acceptable as pure accidents if the targets are found, not the ones that indicate someone slammed a piano lid on their head or left them with a dart sticking out of their ass.


Yeah, this was gonna be a total clusterfuck if I pursued either of the two methods I wanted. Pushing him into the slurry pit without using non-accidental KOs and not being seen simply wasn’t gonna be possible in the time we have for this in relation to my available schedule, and his running for cover every time one of his bodyguards are knocked out keeps limiting the options to stick him with the lethal syringe. In the end, I had to use a cheap method of putting a propane canister on the stair rail in the house and waiting for him to walk up the stairs while facing away from me and blowing him up. Dissatisfying, but this one is so complicated and 10 days is so limiting, I simply could not have done what I wanted. Maybe one day, if ETs ever become permanent. I’ll post the full summary to the Your Elusive Target Kill Methods thread, probably by tomorrow.


I’m trying to feel out what I’m wanting to do. I’m thinking of tossing a PT by the toy monkey and having him pick up the EMP device, so that when he goes into lockdown while with the hackers I can blow him up. Then I’ll get the ledger(?) from the safe.

But I’m also trying to thin down his body guards for when they go into the basement. I’ve got the bunker open using the facemask. I keep getting spotted and will only try 4 or 5 times before I quit. My father is in the hospital so I’m not feeling real inspired to do too much. But I will get this guy before time’s up.

Edit: After several casual, time-taking attempts, I ended up using the black ducker by the SUV, then eventually making my way back to the ledger. Probably could’ve been quicker, but I’ve had the guards get agro’d at me in the past whenever :poop: goes down. Better safe than sorry.


Spent ages following him and figured it would be too stressful trying to SA him. And since there are no unlocks for ETs in H3 i simply placed an Semtex block under the Hackers desk.

Still satisfying because i rarely use the semtex blocks.


I used the emetic gas and grenade on him and his bodyguards and when he went to puke, I pulled out the lethal syringe and he was down. Shoved him straight into a container then went to collect the ledger.

Not quite a 5 star silent assassin rating but I escaped thankfully with 4 stars :grin:


Oki doki. Take in count this one was product of a restart I’ll explain at the end. My equipment for the mission.

Securing a militia disguise from the initial location. Still gets pretty stressful for the guy that at times takes a leak close to a oil barrel who is just a head turn away from seeing you.

This was the first time I actually picked up the Militia Elite disguise from the truck. I always tought you’ll get spotted inmediatly but turns out it’s perfectly doable!

Then getting rid of the poeple at the survelliance room and securing the only disg

Making sure of no more restarts since now it was on me if I failed so going for the ledger first. EZPZ.

And there’s the lil man that is surrounded by 4 soldiers at all times and makes me wonder how they expected for you to make this SA without a FE back in 2016 or with all the toys we have now in H3 and all for a small reason I’ll explain.

Alas. Glad the water poodles work properly in Colorado.

Deep fried.

I did my soul a favor and had this image as desktop background while listening to the Tekken 2 min theme. Here it is and highly reccomend it: [Tekken 2] Black Winter Night Sky ~ Yoshie Takayanagi (1-Hour Extended w/DL) - YouTube. I just love the Neon City suit and how well mixes with all the locations.


Ok. Now the deal: 2 of the soldiers are tied to following one of them everywhere wich means you get this when trying to lure away but you can isolate them one by one if there’s enough distance. Problem is that I did that, KO him and as I was hiding him, got Diana telling me the target was escaping. Turned on the SA tracker and still was green for SA. So that was a load of crap. Restarted for that reason alone and well the rest was smooth.

The Bearmon doesn’t wants to see this target ever again. No wonder most got him in the FE way in the original release. That and all the bugs still being in that version of the game at the time.

digimon, digimon / コテモン&ベアモン / May 10th, 2021 - pixiv


I’m rather proud of the way I get this Nazi. It took a few tries because of what I think was bad luck? I knocked out one of his guards while they were in the house. I blew up his car earlier, but Sean Rose was walking around, washed his hands twice, and when he was done, I dragged the guard into the bathroom. So, then, for whatever reason, Rose walked back into the bathroom and ruined it.

Regardless, after a few false starts, my initial goal was to slowly isolate Järnefelt by knocking out his guards one by one. I managed to lure one away by the front gate, where the default mission starts. Two guards started following when Järnefelt was done there, so I ended up delaying one of the guards until he was far enough behind that I could knock him out and shove him in a box.

He enters lockdown because I blew up his car, so I wait patiently.

When he’s done, he walks back to that little area next to the explosives, uh, department? With the tractors. And he proceeded to just stay there. So, knocking out the rest of his guards just became impossible for me.

Luckily, there was a gasoline barrel just next to him, so I dropped a coin in the puddle after I shot it, and then shot the puddle.

It was no less than he deserved, I think.

So, I got the ledger and escaped after that.