Elusive Target Package

I have a creative idea IOI can release after the trilogy is finished. One of my favorite side missions in the trilogy is the Elusive Targets.

When Hitman 3 is finished, IOI should release a package releasing all Elusive Targets. Think about it. The majority of the work has already been done. Locations, animations and effects are finished. IOI could add challenges and rewards for each target.

So once you beat all the targets and challenges, what would bring a player back? Every week an escalation challenge involving an Elusive Target should open. Only open for a few days to complete 3 levels for a reward or points. With over 50 targets, that would last a long time. I would definitely buy that.:+1::+1:


Sounds great but I wouldn’t be interested if we had to buy it. We’re already getting them all for free


This is an idea that’s been suggested many many times over the course of WoA. And as I say near every time, I’m onboard but sceptical they’ll do it

Some ETs are absolutely quality missions and definitely worth any reasonable pricetag IO could put on them. (Tho my Mark Favs adoration might cloud my judgement here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


I wonder how much memory it would take to hold all of the ET levels? I bet it’s a lot. I’m all for this idea, I just don’t know how plausible it is if each ET has to be downloaded and is many GBs.

People saying Elusive Targets are included in the game.
That means they are already part of what you have installed on your platform.
They just need to be activated and that’s it


Oh nice! Then YES! I hope they open them up even if it’s for a small charge. I loved the Prince and the rockstar in Paris that everyone else hated and many more fun ones.

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Permanent elusive targets sound like a great addition for a “world of assassination complete edition” in a year or so.


Yes… sounds good parmamnent with even few challanges …
I wish they going to put Hokkaido elusive target
Just want The white yukata already​:rofl::rofl:

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I want that. I would like to replay all ETs, Maybe even in a different formula, not as normal missions. For example we have multiples ETs in the same map (imagine all Paris targets) and if we aren’t silent they run away and we lose

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Would you rather all of them be playable at any time OR cycle through them daily, getting only one chance on that day? but still being able to replay it next time, i would prefer it cycle through them, it keeps the elusiveness alive in a way

I would prefer at any time


That would work okay if there was only a handful of ETs. But you have to remember there have been ~30 ETs. So having them daily would mean you might have to wait near a whole month just to play the one you wanted to (and even then you only have a day with it)

I’s a cool idea but it doesn’t sound like it’d actually be fun for the end user

They are all in the game files already.


Im playing the ETs since 2016 and still managed to miss a few. So id love to have them all available all the time. Even if they cant do all due to legal reasons, im happy with what they can do. If they do. But yeah, id even pay a little for that.

It’s a neat idea, but I think when the “live service” aspect of the game is done I’d want EVERYTHING offline and completely accessible, ETs included. I think the elusive aspect can still be enjoyable from now until then in various ways, like the outfit rewards being only given if you get it when it is an elusive target.

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IMO, there’s not too much of a reason to have them in a pack if they can be found (somehow) and made into a contract that can be replayed at one’s leisure. I did replay ‘The Deceivers’ and ‘The Prince’ (one of the hardest ETs) extensively in H2 (and feel I’ve come up with consistent and mostly safe strats for both).

I can’t recall if they’ve been found in H3 yet - doesn’t seem like it. :thinking: 'Guess I’ll check for those next time I fire up the game.

Obviously, the question is whether any reward should be given for completing if/when they’re available at any time. Maybe ‘Yes’ if you’re shelling out :moneybag: to play 'em.

I’ve thought that they should show a pic of whichever gloves you get with the suit since you already have the suit. That’d be funny!

IMHO, elusive targets will absolutely never be permanent content.

There is tons of available content within the WoA Trilogy for Hitman.

The other content is like candy canes, pumpkin spice lattes, McRib or Easter Cream Eggs.

If candy canes, McRib, pumpkin spice or Easter Cream Eggs were available all the time, then sales would drop overall. No one would eat candy canes or Easter Cream Eggs everyday all year.

Greater interest overall is garnered when content is seasonal or temporary like elusive targets.

It is one of the few means for IOI to keep a dwindling tail of sustained interest for players engaged in Hitman over the post-launch year.

From what I observe in terms of post-launch content so far, IOI have invested more effort in developing interest escalation contracts, and might not spend the same effort over the year in other post-launch content, such as elusive contracts or Special Assignments, or bonus DLC, Sniper Assassin content, and multiplayer Hitman (obviously, RIP at end of Hitman 2). If there was a lot of new post-launch content I would assume that IOI would have specified the post-launch content at launch when most were playing the game.

My guess is that there may be paid DLC content, in a year or two, like a Hitman v3.5, with an extended campaign more like the Patient Zero campaign, a self-contained story across many locations in Hitman2016, Hitman 2 and Hitman III, separate from the story arc of the WoA Trilogy.

It makes sense for there to be paid DLC content, given that it is pretty cheap for IOI to rejig a few locations and insert a few new targets. Enough players bought Hitman2016, Hitman 2, and Hitman III who would be in the market to buy a paid DLC. It is also better for IOI to wait a year or two to introduce new Hitman content as paid DLC, when those who had a year or two break from Hitman, would be more willing to come back for more.

Assassin Creed realized that yearly releases of their franchises was too much. Perhaps the best time to introduce a paid DLC is ~two years or so from now. Something halfway in the development period of Project 007 and their multiplayer IP or other, which is probably 4 years off or so.

Yes, but eventually the “live service” aspect of the game will end.


In Hitman 2016, the purpose of ET was to be elusive. Each player had a small window of opportunity to get rid of ET. But now, some ET have been reactivated up to 4 times for some of them. The first idea of “elusive” tends to degenerate.

IMO, still stick some suits to ET becomes obsolete now. Making some ET available will allow players to finally get those suits.

There are still some exclusive items that reward players for playing ET during the first Hitman. The ICA coin (for first batch of ET in H2016) and, in a lesser extent, the Black Winter Suit (for any ET from H2016).

Moreover, some ET are very good and have interesting stories. IOI put some work on them.
It would be a pity if IOI don’t include them in a “final cut” (at least, some of them). It would be a kind of wasting work.

But free or under a paid DLC? That’s another story.

Now that’s money right there!! :wink:

IOI take my money…even though I have all three versions :moneybag:

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