February Roadmap - Initiation Protocol (2021)

I wouldn’t say ported, but the design is based off of the one from Sniper.


Yep, had to check and you’re right :smiley:


It’s the ICA Woodsman Covert


Yeah but it looks cool so we’ll give it a pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It doesn’t have the piercing perk though. That’s a typo.

Neither does the covert to be fair lol

Oh wow that’s weird.

I’ve not got around to the escalation that unlocks it yet, but isn’t it the same as the one you find in the main mission? If so, I used it to get a double target kill with one shot as one of the challenges. Or is the one you unlock a downgraded version?

When I tried using it in WC it didn’t work so I thought it doesn’t have piercing.

Of course, it could just be a scripted kill for the main mission. I’m certainly no sniping expert, so I don’t tend to use one as part of my gameplay, but I’ll try to remember to test it out when I get around to unlocking it.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of the Hackl?

I don’t know. Its the one up on the roof where you have to shoot down those surveillance balls like a shooting gallery game. Is that a different sniper rifle?

I can confirm that. Check the statistics:

It’s defently a 100% reskin of the Woodsman Rifle Covert. And both share the same bug:
The weapons description says “Piercing” but in fact both doesn’t have that ability right now.
PS: The CR/MR should be “MR” for both (It was a typo mistake)


Can’t you do this already by requesting a sniper at your stash and carrying a sniper in your briefcase?

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Don’t understand why some people feel proud to don’t have the deluxe :joy::joy:, just you don’t play and you don’t unlock that’s it , we do!! :rofl:

I didn’t transfer my progress. Is it possible to unlock an elusive target suit again?

That’s the hackl I think we were talking about the Golden Dragon.

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Imagine that the sniper makes YAME YAME while aiming like the one sniper with ave maria.


Yes, I realise my error. As I said, I haven’t played the escalation yet to get the Golden Dragon and I’d clearly not paid enough attention to the name of the sniper on the map in the main mission. I’d just assumed the escalation was a permanent unlock for the sniper on the map, which seemed pretty impressive.

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You unlock that sniper via mastery 20 I think.

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