First Impressions and Small Details

IO please don’t remove this :pray:. Pretty please.

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Most likely. He was in the CICADA uniform and needed some civilian clothes. And he never had sentiments about taking clothes from the dead people :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched a story-based playthrough on YT. Ugh, w/o spoiling anything I will just say it continues this trilogy’s trend of fanfiction-level story beats. It feels at times like a straight up teen spy novel (edit: and parts of both Hitman movies, which is weird because it’s in this franchise’s best interest to stay as far away as possible from those). Granted, Hitman generally isn’t known for its story but after several games and 2 decades, characters have already been established and here it feels like they’re all acting very… well, off-character. There’s one sequence in particular that actually made me think they were just checking off a list of Hollywood clichés to fulfill. I just wanna be a contract killer in these games again, please.


There’s things I could niggle for sure , it skewed very very bond,even further than I anticipated. Though I don’t hate it. Would I like a comprehensive train level one day ? Or course. This just whet my appetite. One that’s at the scope of some of the other levels , wider carriages maybe, some double decker? You can pose as a waiter and carry things on the tray or cart( perfect kind of level to being that stuff back for)? With more short cuts and secrets, characters and carts? (Ticket inspector etc, the detective thing could have worked really well on the train) . Changing weather form haven in such a level with a storm, and tunnels. Nice to imagine one day :crossed_fingers:.

I enjoyed the train we got though and replaying the older levels in the new one and the new levels I’m still struck how this whole thing is (on the whole) so slick, & with the headphones the sound design is really good.

I cannot bring myself to shoot the sleeping homeless guy so kill everyone run might be a no go in china


One of the pre-launch articles from a gaming site said there was a movie made which showed season 1 and 2 as a recap… but in the game all I saw was a brief clip of white text on a black background; did I miss something?

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The main function of a Hitman story is to allow for interesting levels and gameplay, in my opinion, which I think H3 did better than the other two games. I think the writers are just having a hard time structuring a narrative where a) there’s only two or three important characters that don’t die, and b) our protagonist must consistently travel to a place to kill someone and do very little else. There’s not time or opportunity for 47 to have substantial character development or introspection, so we need schlock elements like memory wipes and secret siblings to justify him caring about the narrative beyond who he’s been paid to kill.


Slow burn, 20 years of what turns out to be mutual pining, and practice makes absolutely bone-meltingly perfect :wink:

So, basically what H3 gave us, with a kick at the end.

Animations come at a cost. Realistic animations, means time out of the players hands to watch an animation run its course.

Hence why IOI has 47 heaving 200+ lb unconscious NPCs into a box within a split second. A realistic animation of someone lifting an NPC into a box would have 47 wincing and puffing, like an Olympic Weightlifter carrying out a Clean-and-Jerk.

Instead 47 picks up and drops 200lb+ NPCs like he is picking up clothes off the floor and throwing them into a dirty laundry pile.

If you played the latest Assassins Creed, Valhalla, the long animations look nice, but feels janky,

Combat becomes all about timing of when to initiate a long animation sequence, which has to run its time course, before initiating another long animation sequence.


I’ve noticed they have added audio queues for when you are tresspassing, so I can happily remove my mini map now and be able to know if I am tresspassing.

I think this is a new feature atleast. The audio in this installment is incredible


they could reuse animations from absolution just like they’ve already done so many times during the trilogy

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Just had a thought, it would have been cool if IO had let the community design some of the graffiti for Berlin. Could’ve gotten some fun little Easter eggs in then

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Yea I acknowledged that the animation would take time to make in my post. Obviously that means $$ bc people don’t work for free. It’s not like I’m asking for the moon though, and when I said it would be longer I only meant 2/3 of a second longer. I assume 47 would carry speed loaders or moon clips and be proficient with them. Maybe not Jerry Miculek fast, but fast.

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It is likely the case with Project 007, that IOI will develop a lot of new and cool animations.

IOI built Hitman though with replay-ability in mind → which means player accustom to a
predictability of the player action - and game reaction.

Everything is about predictability and timing → triggering an animation, and knowing instinctively as a player, when the animation ends → and also the predictability of the NPC response to the player trigger.

All the animations have to be rather simple and consistent throughout the three games of the Hitman Trilogy.

IOI is aware that players wish that there were more animations, including gun and melee items instead of re-skins.

But there are lots of constraints on what IOI can do with Hitman because of the type of game it is.

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Dude a changed reload animation for a different weapon is still predictable. It’s just different then the semi auto. It’s longer but always the same amount of longer. Replay-ability is not hindered for any by having another weapon option, but for some it is increased. That’s not the point though. It just would have been fun to have one.

The real reason is they didn’t spend the time ($$) to do it.

Oh my god its you

Well that and it’d be difficult to justify that as the best use of a rigger’s time and QA’s time.
They have thousands of interactions to refine, cut scenes to animate, bugs to fix, etc.
Hand animations are notoriously finnicky.

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Well I assume that’s why they didn’t spend the time and money on it :joy:.

Epic story ending many surprises, great missions, good weapons. Still buggy, but far from Hitman2 level. Let’s see what comes up.


I really hope all this connection mess for some people and the carry over problems ends soon. I want to know what post-launch content they have planned, about ETs, escalations, etc.


i dunno… i dont wanna know just yet. im still digesting the game

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