Game won' t start

Hi!! I have a problem with the game. It works well at the past but today I wanted to play and the game won’ t start. I tried some internet solutions but nothing works and I don’t know what to do. I aprecciate any help.

Thank you!!

Hello, Bertus. It will be better if you can provide some details of your issue, so others may be able to help you. You will need to list all the details in the format shown on the 1st post and make it a reply to that thread instead. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.

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Answering YellowZR1, I don’ t know what to say more. Simply when it opens the window with the play, options, and exit I click play and the game doesn’t start. When I do it directly on the epic games library and I click the play option it opens the epic store again.

Then sorry, I can’t help you, because I don’t play on PC. You will have to make a reply on that thread instead. Click the link and press the reply button.

Hello I have the same problem and wanted to ask if you could solve it already

I’ ve solved (at least at the moment it worked for me) going to User/AppData/Local/Iointeractive/HItman3, here you have see a file named ShaderCache.bin. Delete it and try to play. I hope yo will have good luck!!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me