hitman 2 No products registered problem

hi ! , I purchased the hitman 2 game on steam, but cannot connect online. It keeps giving an online error. Although I linked my account to my steam account via ioi.dk, I cannot see the game in the saved games section. I can only use offline mode. can you help me.

I don’t know how to solve this since I don’t play on PC, but you may want to post the issue to the technical support thread here, so someone else with knowledges regarding this can help you:

You may have to open Hitman 2 and link your IOI account within the game, if you haven’t already.

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ioi account option does not appear

On the main menu of HITMAN 2, it should be on the top left tile. Could you check? If there isn’t, could you post a screenshot of your main menu here?

You need to go online to register your game with an IOI account. Please press P.

i tryed it but it didn’t worked

If you want, I’ll send you a picture of the error

The official servers (yes, even for H2) have been unstable, you will probably want to try this again later.

I always try but it doesn’t work

please told me how i am supposed to do

I can’t, because I don’t know better. But like I said before, you can post your issue on the thread here. Maybe someone from IOI may help you.

ok thank you so much