Hitman 2016 animations

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Why cant yall add back the sow animations or make it in the options for the setting why?

If you’re on PC…

And if you’re not, well, I guess move slower on purpose.

I’m assuming you meant to type “slow” instead of “sow”. :pig:

There are a few animations I wish were still in the game (heck, even some from Absolution). But I do prefer the more aggressive climbing.


I didnt mean to say sow slow and yes i wish

Because they were slow. What motivation does IO have for slowing the player down like this? That would be an active handicap and would not feel good. Like, I cannot stress enough how slow 47 moved in 2016, to the point that Hitman 3 feels refreshing to play movement-wise when compared to it. It’s fair to say IO don’t want blood-money-levels of speed, but 2016’s movement was clunky and moved at a snails-pace in general, something H2 improved on, and H3 outright fixed in my opinion.

You can tell from the mod linked above that they were trying to find a reason to make the mod sound better than H3’s movement by saying stuff like “realistic and traditional movement” when H3’s movement is not any less realistic (good luck trying to climb pipes IRL, it’s not as easy as you think it is unless you know what you’re doing), nor is the H3 movement…untraditional? Whatever that means.

It’s all personal choice, but 2016’s animations are pretty antiquated in my opinion, and I do not understand people using it, unless they like the non-speed-related animations in 2016 (That I can see, at least).

100% agree. Geriatric 47 was not fun to maneuver. :joy:

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Ok well fine i agree to then