The Official H3 Player Support Hub

I’m happy to share a new link to our HITMAN 3 Player Support Hub:

This is the new and official place for everything related to HITMAN 3 Player Support, and your go-to place to get help and report issues with the game. We’ve set up a lot of useful articles that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions. This is a work in progress and we’ll keep updating and improving the articles as we go.

Plus! You can submit a ticket request to get direct assistance from our Player Support Team, who will help you to resolve issues and track bug reports. We’re expecting a lot of tickets to start with, so the waiting time might be a bit longer to start with but we’ll quickly catch up.

To ease that ticket queue, here’s an updated list of our Known Issues: HITMAN 3 - Known Issues – HITMAN 3 Player Support

Extra: In the short term, the bug report thread and technical support thread with will remain live because they’re still extremely valuable whilst we get our Player Support efforts into full swing. However, using the official hub will make it easier for us to track, report and resolve your issues.