I own hitman 1 goty but its not giving me the hitman 3 dlc

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The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
HITMAN 3 - Known Issues)
i own the hitman trilogy on steam in hitman 3 it only gave me hitman 2 and not hitman goty ive linked my steam account to ioi and i dont know what to do.

HITMAN 3 won’t give you HITMAN 2016.
You need to redeem Legacy Pack in HITMAN 2 first.

All the information you need is in these articles


so i need to install hitman 2?

If you never redeemed a Legacy Pack, I’m afraid so.
Just follow all the steps in both guides and you should be okay

and itll give me the hitman goty access pack in hitman 3 right?