Hitman problem thats also a bug

(If you are attempting to notify IO Interactive of a bug or technical issue, please check out their player support hub or post in #player-support, if you are attempting to get community assistance with a bug or technical issue - please post in #hitman-3:technical-issues

The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
HITMAN 3 - Known Issues) i need help because i have everything bought right but when i load in it says no access plz help

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You will have to be more specific about your purchase, like which platform do you play HITMAN 3 on (Epic, Steam, PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox). Screenshots of the contents you’ve purchased, as well as the “no access” screen, will be appreciated too. And finally, you can also reach out IOI’s player support here:


Nvm were good cause its already fixed

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