Lagging? So frustrating

Anybody else experienceing serious lagging in the last week. I’ve updated and reinstalled a few times. It helped but then back to lagging.(If you are attempting to notify IO Interactive of a bug or technical issue, please check out their player support hub or post in Player Support, if you are attempting to get community assistance with a bug or technical issue - please post in Technical Issues

The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
HITMAN 3 - Known Issues)

Ever since I upgraded to an Xbox Series X, all my games run like butter. Literal butter; I put pancakes on the console and eat the fucking shit! I love it! cholesterol is through the roof but it’s worth it.

What system are you on?


PC through steam. Wondering if mcafee is f’ing with it

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There is a noticeable slow down (drop in frame rate) in Chonquing map on PS5 associated with rain in outdoor areas.

My laptop was running the in house graphics card. Switched it back to geforce and yes, butter, is the exact adjective.

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I have no issues on PS4 other than i cant wait for the elusive targets galore and I think there should be more unlockables :slight_smile: