HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread


The tile image for the Podium Starting Location is incorrect as it shows 47 wearing a, presumably, pre-release version of the Event Crew disguise as the disguise worn when starting the mission is coloured completely different.



Have you gotten your Purple Streak Suit yet? I still haven’t gotten mine, 14 days after claiming it on Twitch. I’m also playing on the Nintendo Switch, with all my accounts linked.

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Nope, i still don’t have it and no response from IOI either here or Twitter so not even sure they’re aware of the problem!

I would recommend raising a support ticket on their Player Support hub than relying on sending a post on X to get the issue resolved tbh.

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I cannot select the Zieger 300 tactical (supressor) at the shack, it does not appear for me to take it (the case)
select the mission and start the stage
happens always

Hitman 3

PS5 (but maybe other platforms too)

The escalation tile on the Live tab does not show all available uncompleted escalations. It only shows 7 of them:
The Halliwell Fable
The Berlin Egg Hunt
The Jinzhen Incident
The Satu Mare Delirium
The Greed Enumeration
The Lesley Celebration
The Proloff Parable

After these 7 are completed, the tile doesn’t show any more uncompleted escalations even though there are tons more Hitman 3 escalations (plus legacy escalations) that could be shown.

This is weird cause I could have sworn that all the escalations showed up on the tile back in Year 1



Illegal to carry weapons as an office bodyguard in Casual mode



If you complete the scenario where you pacify The Kashmirian, pick up his dongle, go to his apartment and use the dongle on his laptop to learn that Vanya and Dawood took contracts out on each other; upon killing one and then going to a phone to call the other, the dialogue that plays on the phone call for both 47 and Vanya/Dawood plays at an extremely low volume compared to all other voice dialogue.

Looking at YouTube footage of this same scenario within the older HITMAN 2 launcher shows that this is not something that was always been present and it previously used to play at the same volume as all other voice dialogue in the game (based on game settings). This is a bug that has been introduced at some point.



On this particular locked door, once it is opened it cannot be closed due to conflicting with the man leaning against the wall it goes into. If that man is moved or killed, no problem


Hitman 3
PC, Steam, Maldives map, Freelancer Mode
Only happened once so far but surely I’m not only one who’s experienced this issue.

Target immune to all, but explosives.

One silly bug that just cost me the campaign b/c I could not escape once I used the explosive.
Exactly why there should be some sort of out mechanism when bugs happen vs losing all of one’s items. I could neither escape nor alt-f4 before every single guard was on me.
Cost me 150k Mercers :angry:


Next time use a breaching charge.

Won’t be a next time. I’ve had it up to here with bugs. I have uninstalled due to the latest “bug”
I just got hit with that cost me all my money and a failed campaign. The controls stopped working.
Could not enter H2H combat or draw a weapon while I was shot to hamburger. And it happened to
fast to use alt-f4. I did alt-f4 and I promptly uninstalled. BYE POS Hitman.