World of Assassination | Patch 3.170.1 | Guides and Walkthroughs

Update: The game was previously updated to version 3.180. I am working on reviewing and retesting everything in this thread on the latest version. This will take a ton of time and effort so take what you see here with a grain of salt.

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  • Added The Collector - Year 4 to Elusive Targets.


  • Added The Broker - Year 4 to Elusive Targets.


  • Added The Heartbreaker - Year 4 to Elusive Targets.
  • Added a subsection for “Year 4” to Elusive Targets.


  • Updated this topic for Patch 3.170.1.


  • The following is a list of guides intended to help complete all available content within the main game and its respective game modes. It will be an ongoing effort, as I will test and update the list after each patch is released.

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Michael Gabriel H | YouTube

ICA Facility

The Final Test [SA/SO]


The Showstopper [SA/SO] - Casual

The Showstopper [The Classics] - Casual

The Showstopper [SA/SO] - Professional

The Showstopper [The Classics] - Professional

The Showstopper [SA/SO] - Master

The Showstopper [The Classics] - Master

The Director [SA] - The Sarajevo Six

Lights Out on a Promising Career [Challenge] - The Director

Holiday Hoarders [SA]

Elusive Targets
Year 4

The Collector [SA]

The Broker [SA]

The Heartbreaker [SA]

Year 3

The Drop [SA]

The Food Critic [SA]

The Badboy [SA]

The Entertainer [SA]

The Surgeons [SA]

The Ascensionist [SA]

The Chameleon [SA]

The Politician [SA]

The Iconoclast [SA]

The Appraiser [SA]

The Procurers [SA]

The Stowaway [SA]

The Gunrunner [SA]

The Liability [SA]

The Revolutionary [SA]

The Deceivers [SA]

The Rage [SA]

The Serial Killer [SA]

The Forger [SA]

The Collector [SA]

The Broker [SA]

Featured Contracts
Summer Holiday | Released Jul. 6, 2023

The Mischievious Muffin Makers

Heat Wave

Munga’s Magnificent Magnum Opus


So Much for Summer

The Wired Conundrum #32

Summer Vacation Showdown

Refreshing Vacation Revenge

Holiday Shmoliday

Summer Getaway

Sun, Sea, Sand, and Exploding Jet Ski’s

Summer Delinquency | Released Jun. 8, 2023

You Date, You Die

Summer Doctor… Doctor… Doctor…

The Delinquent’s Demise

The Ungrapefuls


Death By Fiber 3 (Version 2)

Accidental Bikers

The Dartmoor Descendance

The Wired Conundrum #22

Accident Only #1

The Intern | Released May 11, 2023

Caffeine Chaos

The Spice of Subterfuge

Swedish Secrets and Suspicious Swedes

Spring Cleaning | Released Apr. 13, 2023

Spring Tournament

Spotless Sonko

The Decontamination Zone

Tidying Up the Burj Al-Ghazali

Cleaning the Cleaners

The Mad Mopper

Spring Mechanism

I Hate Dust

Got to Keep the Streets Clean

Clean Operation

Happy Easter | Released Mar. 30, 2023

Wabbit Hunting Season

Who Framed Rolf Rabbit

The Egg Scramblers

Eggcellent Movie

The Tinamou Retribution

Golden Bunny’s Boomstick

The Last Supper

Give Me That Old Time Religion

The Best Cosmetics

Hunting for the Sunshine Bunny

The Cozy Christmas Suit | Released Dec. 7, 2023

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Public Enemy Suit | Released Nov. 23, 2023

Public Enemy

Cloud Nine Challenge Pack | Released Nov. 9, 2023

Nothing but Clear KAIs - The White Sunset Suit

Welcome to Business Class - The Orange Pinstripe Briefcase

Back Down to Earth - The Sunset Rubber Duck

The Jack-o'-lantern Suit | Released Oct. 26, 2023

A Nightmare in Hawke’s Bay

The Codename 47 Suit | Released Oct. 26, 2023

Codename 47

The Sniper Challenge Suit | Released Oct. 5, 2023

Faster than Rocco

The Subject 47 Suit | Released Sep. 7, 2023

Patient 47

The Trendy Tourist Suit | Released Sep. 7, 2023

Dagger! Dagger!

The Tropical Islander Suit | Released Jul. 6, 2023

Hot Fizzsh

The VIP Patient Suit | Released Jun. 8, 2023

Kick Back Kimono

The Explosive Pen | Released May 11, 2023

Boom Beats Blah



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