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  • Updated this topic for 2024.

The following list will include issues I have experienced and suggestions that have come to mind for potential features and improvements I would find helpful as a frequent user of the forum. It will be an ongoing effort.


  • All posted content is meant to be constructive, offering potential suggestions and visual references, no matter how small the details are.
  • I am NOT and will NOT be complaining, expecting, demanding, etc.

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  • I noticed that I’m missing an earned badge. A ‘Great Share’ badge, to be specific. I have a notification for it, but I don’t see the badge in my profile’s “Badge” section.


    In the same vein, I have noticed inconsistencies with the number of notifications and the count of badges awarded.


  • I have some ongoing topics I continue to add to, so I was wondering about the character limit. I have seen a warning before about being past this limit (32,000 if I remember right.).

  • Is this a limitation that could be increased?

  • Furthermore, what about adding a real-time counter (3400/32000) to the top right of the editing toolbar so users would know how much of the limit is still unused?

  • Similar to the deletion limit that got a recent increase, I have noticed a limit on editing our posts.

  • Is this a limitation that could also be increased?

  • As for multiple posts in the same thread, like the Bug Thread, I have noticed a limit of 3 consecutive posts before we have to wait for someone else to add replies.

  • Is this another limitation that could also be increased?

  • I have noticed users can’t save more than one draft. While we have a current draft in our account, If we open a new edit and close it, we don’t even get the prompt about deleting or saving it as a draft.

  • Is it possible to increase the number of simultaneous drafts we can save for later?

  • On the editing front, I have noticed the absence of a strikethrough icon in the toolbar, despite the function being present using markdown. For example.

  • Would it be possible to fill out the editing toolbar with more functions and corresponding icons? For example, the toolbars of these text editors Example 1 - Example 2

  • Furthermore, as seen here Markdown Text Editor, would it be possible to add cheat sheets built into the editing window for users to reference?

  • Just thinking about the editing history element for topics we create, and wondering if it could be tweaked to work more like a revision history we could control?

  • What if this became a feature that would allow users to revert to a chosen version of a topic with a single click and revert to the latest changes should users change their minds?

  • Would it be possible to change the upload feature in the editing toolbar to allow for URL and local uploads of images, videos, and even gifs? Thus, making it a multimedia function and allowing users even more options when adding such content to posts.


Hi Gabriel. @wincenworks is the current owner of the forum, so is probably the best person to talk about the site in general. And if he is unavailable, it might be a good idea to talk to one of the Heralds. Saying that though, from what little I know, this site uses an existing infrastructure that other websites utilise. HMF isn’t a website built by scratch, and I do believe that some of the things you mention would because of the existing infrastructure, rather than because of anything unique to HMF. I maybe wrong on that.

Personally, I think things like the character limit and number of consecutive posts exist to avoid excessive spam in posts and to make the forum more easy to read. To be honest, I’m fascinated how anyone would exceed the 32,000 character limit so many times it is an issue that would need to be remedied.


You can just paste the URL and the image shows up. You can upload your videos to Discord/any other platform and leave a link here as well. Videos consume significant bandwidth which isn’t really cheap, and consider the fact that the forum is held privately by one individual.

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Funny you should mention it. This topic is the result of a conversation I had with one of the heralds and even wince joined in for a bit. I just didn’t think bombarding them with it was the best way to go so I suggested I could make a topic out of it and they both gave the thumbs up so to speak. :grin:

Formating. :laughing: In order to create this post World of Assassination | Patch 3.160 | Wishlists and Suggestions in a clean and readable way I hit the limit probably by 3 times. Thus why I had to put it in 3 parts. I do understand the reasoning behind spam prevention and such, but still. It was just a thought I figured I would share. :+1:

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No expectations or demands here. :+1: It was just an idea that came to mind for yet another userfriendly way to add media to posts and topics. For most folks, if it isn’t in the toolbar it doesn’t exist. :laughing: Which is a shame cause there are things we can do that the toolbar doesn’t indicate in any way. Just feels like folks could be missing out.

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