Hitman 3 crashes on launch

I recently bought and downloaded Hitman 3 from the epic games store. When I launch the game, it brings me to the Hitman 3 launcher, but when I press play from there the game crashes. I’ve tried updating my DirectX, restarting my computer, Lowering the graphics of the game, and when I contacted Epic Games support, they linked me here. It would really help to just have some more options or things to do to see if I can get this game working before I refund it.


Facing same issue… crash at launch… any solution ?

Even bench mark option also crashing

same boat, have tried absolutely everything I can think of. even downloaded & launched other EGS games to same location to rule out any drive errors. still can’t launch the game.

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same here! this is incredibly frustrating after just dishing out $60 for a game. I cannot launch the game or the benchmark tool. It simply opens up the Epic Launcher again in an infinite loop.

I have all updated drivers and window. I uninstalled Hitman 3 and Epic Launcher, then reinstalled both from scratch. No luck.

This needs to be addressed immediately.

If any of you need help on launching the game, please address your issue again in details under this thread instead. Staffs from IOI are more likely to see them there. Thank you for your cooperation.

Any solutions ? unable to play the game… irritating…

Same thing for me - the game does not launch and does not show any sort of error.
Epic Games support said they will not be able to help and redirected me here.
I tried all the steps I found (re-installing, verifying, updating all the drivers) - still no luck.

Can we get some support from the developers? Is there any sort of information you guys need (logs, configs, etc.)?

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Still not launching for me.
I updated ALL the drivers, updated Windows, tried tweaks mentioned in other threads - no luck.
Dear developers, I’m super happy to provide you any kind of details, would you please assist me with launching the game I patiently waited for months and gracefully paid for?

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Hello good sir.

I’m Joshua and will do my best to assist you on this day.

Before I can give a detailed list of instructions for a potentional fix I need to know whether you meet the following:

Go to the website listed above. And press the blue button “can I run it?” ensure that you meet all MINIMUM requirements.

Do you use NVIDIA?

If this does not work I will instruct more carefully.

Hi, Joshua!
The computer does meet the minimal requirements, although it says that graphics drivers are outdated, I do have the latest Nvidia drivers.
What else I can help you with?