Hitman 3 Get Access bug

I have Hitman 3 installed on my Series X and I cant access any maps apart from a few for escalations. When I go to Miami or Berlin for the new elusive contract for example, the maps are saying Get Access but I already have the maps installed. Anyone else having this issue?

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You may particularly want to check the Known Issues thread:

Simply restart either your Xbox or Game, I had this issue immediately after my WIFI came back on (It’d went down at the time) and is usually a case of the Game failing to realise you have the content, if all else fails I suggest redownloading each of the maps which shouldn’t take too long for the series X

This is a persisting issue and may want to check HITMAN 3 - Known Issues just in case a solution is there, but if you cannot find a solution: I am all out of answers and wish you the best of luck in fixing the error at hand.

I reinstalled Hitman 3 and turned kff wifi and turned it back on. Its still saying get access.

Hm, have you actually got the maps installed?

Common issue. These steps usually help:

I dont have that menu. I have the World of Assassination menu with 47 frint and center. I tried your network method. Didnt work. This game is broken

It’s absolutely insane that this still happens. You bought the content. “Access” should have nothing to do with IOI’s bullshit servers. They need to get rid of the server requirements. Piss on the 1% that still care about the leaderboards.

Facts. I got game pass bechase i needed it for.my other games. Now Hitman 3 works. Smh