HITMAN 3 - Modding Thread

Hey, I was going to use that as an excuse to plug the whole mod! :​p

Wait until I have the video out; it’ll be done later tonight/ tomorrow, depending on coffee saturation.

Big reveals leave big impacts!


Well, that gives me time to actually approve the fix into the mod then :smile:

edit: it is now done :]

So was I! With an install link and everything.

Introducing: Hitman: World of Assassination: Unofficial Community Patch!

In January 2024, work began on the Community Patch Project: a new mod that would fix as many bugs as possible, just like every other unofficial patch.

Now, with the NEW , COOL , and NICE SMELLING Unofficial Community Patch, you can experience a number of bugs that is lower than what it was previously!

Here are a few of the bugs this mod fixes:

  • NPCs in Marrakesh, Paris, and some other levels have broken lighting on their suits.
  • Exploding/Flash phones leave behind a “Ghost Phone” that makes NPCs get stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Weird filters are applied to some voice lines.
  • Desynchronized visuals and audio on the Whittleton Creek television.
  • Rico Delgado’s cave guards murdering you for stepping off a platform after Rico dies in a tragic submarine accident.
  • And More!

With this mod, the goal is to fix bugs, not to make judgement calls about how things “should” be. Subjective changes are typically left for other mods, and any changes that are controversial in any way are made into toggles, so you can decide what fixes you want!

Here is a Mod Preview video I (Dribbleondo) created to showcase the fixes added here:


Aw man, HMF removed the underline I put under NICE SMELLING and now the joke doesn’t look as good :sweat_smile:

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If all goes to plan, tomorrow is gonna be a great day for lore lovers =)

I’ll share more soon!


“It’s been a long time…Agent 47”

Replaces the Snow Festival Suit with the Winter Coat seen in “A New Deal” (Hitman 3’s final cutscene).

The reason this hasn’t happened earlier because PRIM editing and importing is a pain in the arse. Thank you to Jojje for providing instructions!

Comes in Two Variations:

  • Snowy : Snow is applied to the trousers, boots and beanie (enabled by default)
  • Normal : Snow is not applied to any model.

To do:

  • Add custom localisation.
  • Add rain FX for Chongqing.

Known Issues:

  • There’s a bunch of clipping between the coat and the collar fleece, something that’d require some more time to fix. Time I don’t have right now.
  • There’s some clipping in the Snowy Variant on the trousers. Not much I can do to fix this outside of replacing them.

Replaces the Snow Festival Suit with the Winter Coat seen in “A New Deal” (Hitman 3’s final cutscene)


Finished the Male Partycrowd for Mendoza and I no doubt have finally figured out Civillians.

Reason I’m saying this is because I’d consider the majority of my Civillian Models from all REi Mods before Berlin (besides Santa Fortuna) pretty bad overall, but since Berlin I finally seem to have found what was missing to make my models fit in.

Also, besides Tim Quinn I also included the second unique Character (Raoul Salazar) below. His Appearence is based on his Bunker Photo with a little added flavour of my own.

Salazar from Mendoza Reimagined

As seen in Colorado:


Brown Ninja suit using Futo suit colors and the… mesh or model for the regular ninja suit, but add a hood to cover it. I think the LvL 100 jacket might have this, but don’t know if it can be moved/relocated. Might need to have different colors for the face mask… Will have to refer to the get-up from that movie.

Maybe look into it next month when I will have my current project completed.

For anyone outside of the Discord:

GlacierKit has been released! It supersedes QuickEntity Editor (QNE) and covers many of the use-cases for the RPKG tool.


As someone who’s had early access to GK for a while now, I can safely say this is a massive gamechanger for mod makers. Loads of QoL stuff compared to QNE, and you don’t have to swap between programs nearly as often. The only major thing it’s missing is a 3d model viewer, and even that’s being worked on.

Genuinely one of the best mod making tools I’ve worked with. :heart:

Got started on the Gauchos for Mendoza and also returned to Berlin to polish up on a few models aswell as making a new one I wasn’t able to do before.


The second one is giving me