HITMAN 3 - Technical Support

Impassible launch Hitman 3 Closed Thechnical Test.I played - 8,9 hours

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Same issue, it never loads into the safe house

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Anyone know how to fix this

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@Dinozafr have you sorted the issue?
If so, how did you?

I am now re-install Freelancer, maybe this helping me

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Ok we’ll tell me when it’s done and hopefully that works

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No, i re-injstall Freelancer and game still don’t launch

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I can’t even launch just Hitman 3

Edit: just re-install windows and game now work fine

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Il suffit juste de résiliation windows pour que ça fonctionne ? Car j’ai le même problème

I do believe we ain’t meant to talk in our language on threads and such because not everyone can understand people speaking their native language.

@Urben? Can you confirm.

English translation for anyone who need it:
You just need to terminate windows for it to work? Because I have the same problem.

These days the best way to get support is by using IO’s Zendesk:


That is english, I don’t know if Zendesk support other languages there.

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Its maide not really what you say

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Na i just thought I’d mention it to you, o be kind to you, and because it is a technical support thread and i know other people may not have the abilities to understand the language and so may need a translation, they could also be facing the same problems as you were on about so having the ability to understand the ideas you said.

What ? How Super Enfprcers can “optical” complcation

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Platform: PC

Description : Game does not run smooth as you can see on graph in upper left corner. I have tried limiting fps and changing in game settings but nothing works.

Additional info:

-Nvidia drivers and Windows 10 updated
-RTX 3060 / Ryzen 7 5800H
-EPIC games store and Steam version tested
-No issues in other games (Overwatch 2, Modern Warfare 2)

Steps to reproduce: Launching the game

Frequency : Always

Attach Image of frametime below:

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