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New patch, same bugs.

Platform: PS5
Digital + disc

Location: All Hitman 3 Locations

Description: “SAVING” is stuck on the screen on every Hitman 3 map. This is a PS5 exclusive bug that has been in the game for 3,5 years now and never been acknowledged. Never been mentioned in the known issues

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game on PS5
  2. Load up any Hitman 3 mission
  3. Saving forever

Frequency: Always. Every time. Saving.

Why do you refuse to fix this bug? If you are incapable of fixing it, it would be far easier to just publicly come out and say it. Your communication with players is shocking.

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Not really an issue, but the french translation of the latest elusive “Le Bouleversant” target feels a little bit off, it means “The Shakener” :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile, “Le Perturbateur” means “The Disturber” / “Disruptor” and fits better imo.

I suggest you adjusting it to “Le Perturbateur” instead.

Thanks for reading our feedbacks. Cheers :blush:


lin_rodri, did you copy your Epic installation of the game to Steam? Several people posted earlier the same problem as you in various sites (not only hitmanforum; unfortunately, most people did not update status later), and I have played the game’s “starter” version first on Epic (several times over several months in 2021 because Steam version did not exist) then purchased the game on Steam in 2022.
I copied the installation from Epic to Steam following this post from vlord

Side note: I do not have Epic launcher (or any game client) load at computer OS startup. So when the computer’s finished startup, I manually start Steam then choose Hitman WoA (no other shortcut for game). This may have no impact, but Epic does not update itself until I start it, and Hitman WoA has nothing pointing it to Epic.

Another poster’s solution.

Best regards.

Found problem with cinematic in WoA game version
When “The Showstopper” (Paris) mission ends (first misson in Hitman 1), cinematic “The Secrects of the Global Elite” do not play as it should do. Game just open “World of Tomorrow” mission. If I try to click on this cinematic in game to start play it, nothing happens.
Seems ‘World of Assasination’ game version do not have this cinematic for some reason.
Works fine in simple ‘Hitman 1’ game version.

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Platform: PC (Digital, Steam Store)

Description : I recently bought the World of Assassination Deluxe edition on Steam.

I finished The Sloth Depletion in the Seven Deadly Sins DLC but didn’t get its rewards. There is no Slapdash SMG, The Lotophage Suit, or Goldbrick Proximity Mine in my inventory.

It seems it only happens on The Sloth Depletion for now.

Frequency: Always