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Why is he holding a phone?


because he’s on the line!


“Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me”…


He’s ordering pizza?


Pineapple pizza?


A pineapple, under the sea? Who would live there do that?


Mark Faba transformed into my artstyle. Used a screenshot as a base for it. Just throwing this on here as I can’t find a use for it.


I’m finally planning on doing some of the Heads I’ve been pushing away forever. The First one will be Pierce, though I have yet to make a version of him I’m satisfied with.

Edit: After a few days, I think I finally achieved a result I’m happy with and even if I feel like that this certain something is still missing it no doubt is a good head and who knows, maybe I take another crack at him in 1 or 2 years and have a situation similair to Jon? Anyhow, for now Pierce or head_african_20s_05 is done.


I had to make a Tarot card for a prompt challenge :grin:


It’s been almost a year, and I decided to pick this one up again and fix the details I wasn’t too happy with.

I’m happy with it now for now…


Despite writing it and seemingly being happy with it for the time being, I just wasn’t satisfied at with how Pierce turned out the more times I looked at him and when the time came to put him to use for the first time as one of two needed addional models for the Bodyguards, I just had to give it another shot and about an hour later, I finally nailed it.

And here are the Bodyguards again including the two new members.

Both of them are by the way inspired by Haven Island Guards with Pierce Model being inspired by this Basegame Guard:

And the second one being inspired by this Guard from Haven Island Reimagined:

Edit: Yeah, scrap that part about the addional Bodyguards. Turns for the scene I was planning on doing, I would need four addional models and making the unit so much bigger kinda ruins the “best of the best” vibe I was going for with these guys. So I made not one but two new additional guard units and from now I’m also never gonna say that this will be my last as I don’t stick to it anyway.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the fittingly titled Mansion Guards are also heavily inspired by Haven’s Guards as I don’t what it is but especially the higher tier ones slowly starts to become my favorite ones from atleast Hitman 2. In addition, the Kevlar Vests worn by Tier 2 also fix a minor plothole I won’t go on about now.

Model 1 - head_casinoheadbodyguard (Riley)
Model 2 - male_reg_alistairbrown_head
Model 3 - head_african_20s_03 (Clive) - Inspired by REi Haven Island
Model 4 - head_arabic_20s_02_beard (Ken)
Model 5 - head_asian_50s_02 (Tao)
Model 6 - head_caucasian_30s_08 (Finley)
Model 7 - male_reg_samander_head
Model 8 - head_arabic_50s_02 (Ismael) - New

Model 1 - head_african_20s_05 (Pierce) - Inspired by Haven Island
Model 2 - head_arabic_50s_02 (Ismael) - New - Inspired by REi Haven Island
Model 3 - head_caucasian_40s_03 (Davis) - Inspired by REi Haven Island
Model 4 - head_caucasian_40s_21 (Diego) - Inspired by REi Haven Island
Model 5 - head_african_20s_04 (Jon) - Inspired by REi Haven Island
Model 6 - head_caucasian_30s_01 (Alan)
Model 7 - head_caucasian_20s_06 (Herb)
Model 8 - head_caucasian_30s_14 (Bailey)
Model 9 - head_caucasian_20s_02 (Ewan) - Inspired by an unused model from REi Haven Island
Model 10 - head_caucasian_50s_05 (Marvin) - Inspired by an unused model from REi Haven Island


(Diana voice) THAT…is pride.

Just a little sketch for pride month.




Enby Diana and Asexual 47 ftw!!! Love the enthusiasm :smile: This could really be interpreted any way you want


A few more Heads I finally gave a try and I feel like 2 of 3 are Keepers for sure. The one I’m not sure about yet is Kenji.

Kenji or head_asian_30s_05

Spencer or head_caucasian_40s_22

Chander or Head_Indian_30s_01


Got another New Head and at last also the finished and named variants of the Mansion Guards. There’re easily the largest group of them all and even though the amount of models isen’t related to the amount of Guards that exist,the sheer number of models alone shows that Becker takes his safety serious.

Head_Hispanic_30s_01 or Juan

Elvis Cisneros - head_casinoheadbodyguard (Riley)
Allan ‘Benjen’ Ramsden - male_reg_alistairbrown_head
Allan Ashton - head_african_20s_03 (Clive)
Mohinder Shahid - head_arabic_20s_02_beard (Ken)
Harry Chan - head_asian_50s_02 (Tao)
Noel Bell - head_caucasian_30s_08 (Finley)
Krzysztof Woronoff - male_reg_samander_head
Wai Holman - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Conrad)
Prabhu Mahinder - head_caucasian_40s_22 (Spencer) - New

Ahmad Harrington - head_african_20s_05 (Pierce)
Graeme Dawson - head_caucasian_40s_22 (Spencer) - New
Tim Johnson - head_hispanic_30s_01 (Juan) - New
Rick Harris - head_indian_30s_01 (Chander) - New
Amarjit Best - head_caucasian_40s_22 (Spencer) - New
Gary Radford - head_caucasian_40s_03 (Davis)
Xialong Shanghai - head_caucasian_40s_21 (Diego)
Paul Roe - head_african_20s_04 (Jon)
Marc Vogler - head_caucasian_20s_02 (Ewan)
Giusto Cavallaro - head_caucasian_50s_05 (Marvin)

Arshad Palmer - head_caucasian_30s_01 (Alan)
Binay Anbu - head_caucasian_20s_06 (Herb)
Peter Castle - head_caucasian_30s_14 (Bailey)
Tariq Hutchinson - head_caucasian_40s_09_beard (Tristan)
Conrad Rimmer - head_caucasian_40s_10 (Gideon)
Paul Sumner - head_arabic_30s_05 (Sharif)
David Bleeker - head_base (Jai)
Jose Ramirez - head_caucasian_30s_14 (Bailey)
Arthur Moran - male_reg_denverwhite_head
Walter Naylor - head_asian_40s_01 (Zhu)


Did another 2 New Heads.

Jimmy or head_caucasian_20s_10 - He wasn’t the most intresting to do to be honest, so seeing as he’s basically everywhere, it felt wrong to not atleast give him a crack.

Britanic or head_hispanic_40s_03 - For him I actually made two variations. One being more akin to his actual color in H2, using the also newly made Chander as a coloring template and more being more in line with my other hispanic heads.

Also as there a still a bunch of Heads I wanna do, but can’t really make up my mind, I thought I said up another poll. Only this time I won’t set myself an amount of Heads I wanna do.

I’d just start at the most voted one and work my way down until I’m either through or lost intrest for the moment.




Juan X Jason (Haven Diffuse)





  • Manny/head_indian_40s_01(ingame)
  • head_indian_30s_03(ingame)
  • Mark/head_caucasian_40s_03(ingame)
  • head_hispanic_30s_01_beard(ingame) - Haven Diffuse
  • head_caucasian_30s_03(ingame)
  • Lucas/head_hispanic_50s_01(ingame)
  • head_caucasian_50s_02(ingame)
  • Arthur/head_caucasian_30s_02(ingame) - Already tried him twice, surely third time the charm
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I made another cartoon about the struggles and triumphs of Freelancer :boom: :gun: