Hitman Game: Gimmicky ideas

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Rules (May be updated in the future):

  1. User A proposes a theme in 5 words (Example: legal shotgun). Theme can be about anything related to HITMAN. It can be less than but no more than 5 words (words like assault rifle count as 2 words while words like shotgun counts as one word) and must be vague (instead of saying “shotgun disguised as item”, say “legal shotgun”). User A can also specify their theme (Instead of “Legal gun” User A said “Legal shotgun”) as long as it is kept vague.

  2. User B, C and D proposes their response to the theme. Idea must include a name and short description on how it functions. Pictures may be included. The idea proposed by the user does not have to be balanced or easy to implement in-game, as long as they share a name and description (even if only one sentence) that is clear. Even if you think your idea is trash, there is no harm in sharing one.

  3. Once three users have responded, another user (doesn’t matter who) creates a poll where others can choose which user has the best idea. If a tie happens, the person with the least amount of votes chooses which idea is their pick.

  4. The winner of the poll will then propose their own theme. Repeat the steps.

This is an idea for a game that I just had for a while. It is based of Caption that game by @SilentWraith (in the new forum, not sure about the old one) and all the other forum games. Why make another forum game? Because they’re fun.

Here’s a theme to start (just like the example):
“Legal Shotgun”

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So I think the point here is to suggest an item or such that fits the description. For Legal Shotgun, I propose a briefcase (which is legal to carry around) that can fire a shotgun shell. It cannot be used to carry another item, but does have two shotgun rounds. I think a shotgun is the most apt usage for such a gun because it would be difficult to aim so scatter-shot is appropriate, and area-type damage would be appropriate for what is essentially a hip-fired gun.


How about a police shotgun that fires rubber bullets? Can’t injure targets but retains the knockback, so you can blast targets off ledges and high places.

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