HITMAN VR (Discussion)

I voted HITMAN 3 VR because, let’s be honest for a moment, a part of Half Life Alyx (2020) and some other replayable games like Beat Saber, any FPS etc, 2022 was another dead year for VR.

Back then when H3 VR was coming to pc, i was almost sure that IOI was giving us the real vr version. If it weren’t for the absence of real body movement (i don’t remember how technically it’s called), the ability to use both hands and for the very poor rendering, I would probably still playing it sometimes.

At this point, unless they are secretly working for the PSVR2 version, so PS5 (which I doubt and even if I wouldn’t be surprised) I don’t think that they will revamp half VR mode to fix most of the issues that it has.

Personally, I think VR in general is “dead” and, ironically, the only publisher who is trying to do something good it’s Sony Playstation. For them, could be a good move to make a sort of “monopoly”, because who wants to pay 400€ for the cheapest VR Headset and at least another 1200€ or more for a PC when with just 1000€-1200€ you bring at home PS5, PSVR2 and the new Horizon VR spin off.

I still wonder if Sony threw them more cash to upgrade Hitman VR to PSVR2. It seems like such an obvious move. The game is probably 95% of the way there – just need to take advantage of the new controllers and hardware

I’d be very, very surprised if it doesn’t. I know it wasn’t implemented all that well, even with just one controller, but it’s still very weird that they can’t let the PS5 version support the old PSVR content. So there’s gotta be an update for the new hardware sometime after launch…

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It looks like Freelancer does not have VR support enabled. I know there’s some unique UI in Freelancer but I’m not sure if there’s anything that would need require additional VR-specific work. Maybe this could be modded like the bonus missions VR mod where the VR support is just a toggle?


One of PSVRs greatest AAA game better get a PSVR2 release… the launch lineup is so bare rn, cmon!

I don’t understand why it isn’t at least announced yet. How much work could it be to port the PC version to PS VR2?

Sony needs to get more AAA games lined up or their new VR headset is going to be dead in the water. Current lineup is the definition of lackluster, with a couple exceptions, and it’s hard to justify the investment without knowing what’s in the pipeline.