ICA Electrocution Phone removed from HITMAN 3

I thought that guards that pick up remote or proximity tasers count as accidents if those guards are targets?

Those items are not OP because only guards will pick them up. The phone by comparison was [deemed] OP.

A duck as described here would do the same thing. Unless its rules were changed so that either the duck is an illegal item or the death is non-accidental. Wouldn’t that be confusing though?

Electro mini-duck is the only solution. A micro-taser reskin. Just a little blue mini duck instead.

A Green Ducky would be balanced best if it were a proximity, not a remote, device.

I don’t think a taser duck would happen - at least without some changes made to the game. There’s a few glitches where you can use the remote micro taser and a NPC will pick it up and place it in their “inventory”. You can then activate it and it will electrocute them, even if they’re not standing in water, just like the electrocution phone.

Without changing some stuff in the game, a taser duck would have the same effect.

??? Like @Axwage said, if a guard picks up a proximity/remote taser they die SA Accident Electrocution. And like @thrison said, you can glitch non-guard NPCs into picking up the micro-taser to get a SA Accident Electrocution.

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oh wow i never know that

Those are all bugs though.

Guards picking up tasers shouldn’t result in an Accident kill.
Normal NPCs, if they pick up a taser, shouldn’t count as an accident kill either.

Same as how NPCs picking up explosive ducks will result in a non-accident kill. The explosion can’t be an accident, only a propane tank can. Just like how puddles cause accident kills to targets involved.

I don’t want this to turn into another Elec Phone topic, but if I may slightly interject: with the removal of the EP, this means your Agency weapons are not meant to cause Accident kills on their own.
Tasers causing Guard Accidents and NPCs picking up tasers they shouldn’t, doesn’t mean it’s something intended or we should be looking to add to, mechanically.

TLDR: In a bug-less world, an electric ducky would function the same as an explosive ducky, or any other Agency kill item. Causes a non-accidental kill. It’s not meant to function as an accident for anyone.

That’s how proximity/remote tasers have always worked with guards. It’s not a glitch/bug.

Since only guards pickup Tazers for free Accident kills, I always felt they were better balanced than the Electrocution Phone, as Tazers with this method are only really shortcuts in Contracts Mode (and a few Targets in Berlin).

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Plus tasers are illegal to hold and throw whereas phone isn’t; the micro one isn’t but they don’t pick that up.


Wait, seriously? That was something I just discovered during Hitman 3.
Ok then

You people did not talk exactly about the Electrocution Phone but the talk about an electro-item and it’s balance overlaps to the talk here. It certainly did not belong to the FC thread just because the theme is “ducks”. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes sorry about that Urben

I don’t get why being electrocuted while holding a taser isn’t an accident kill, but holding a phone is. First of all, no phone had enough charge to electrocute a person to death unless they’ve already got a serious and unkind thing heart issue, so that right there should make dying from one suspicious that that is a weaponized phone. But, it doesn’t, so with that logic in mind, why should it be any different with a taser? Yeah, it’s clearly an item someone would use for attack, but it’s just laying around and an NPC picks it up. The conclusion would be that it went off accidentally or the person holding it mistakenly triggered it. Why are these not accident kills, if anything, even more than the phone?

But it is?


Ok, I’m getting conflicting info here. I’ve never used the taser without a puddle of water being involved. When there’s no water, A) is the taser lethal, and B) does it count as an accident? Because I’ve heard both yes and no to both questions. Which is it?

(I’m at work right now so I can’t just turn on Hitman and find out for myself and don’t have the patience to wait until this evening)

Activated tasers when hold or in a NPC’s inventory always result in an accident kill no matter if water is present. Tasers only need water to cause kills when the NPC is just next to it. That also results in an accident kill.


Personally, I’ve always thought there should be a distinction between Electrocution: Accident kills for car batteries and electrical sockets, and Electrocution: Device kills for tasers. Whether or not the device kills void SA or not is debatable, but at least it would improve creating contracts.


In my opinion, and it’s likely too late for it, but the way that IOI should have implemented this was to make an electrical socket or battery an accident kill in and of itself but a taser or other device kill an accident ONLY IF the device was recovered after the fact.

There is no mechanic in the game for retrieving evidence. Actions like retrieving the starting suit, cleaning up blood spills, collecting tossed items, etc. are not rewarded in the game. While the player can make sure they leave with the suit they started in, there is no bonus or incentive for it. This mechanic would need to be added in order for the device retrieval to be a rewarded action, but it is logical that it would be so.

If an NPC is found dead in a puddle (or otherwise) and a taser or other electrical device is found on their person that is NOT standard issue, that should not be regarded as an accident. A Taser is not (by the evidence shown in the game given no one uses them) standard issue for any of the guards or NPCs within the trilogy. Therefore an electrocution device should not be considered an accident unless the device itself is retrieved following the kill.

This would also need to include a modification to the mechanic which voids Silent Assassin upon moving the body. To retrieve a device would require interacting with the body of the target. That cannot void Silent Assassin. It should be simple enough to code an exception for this though to allow retrieving evidence but maintain the accident/Silent Assassin status.

Interestingly, this type of mechanic would also have made the electrocution phone more overpowered. The phone, being a standard issue device, would theoretically not need to be retrieved so it would be even more of an “unfair” item for a player to use, were it ever re-implemented.

Yeah, moving the body making you lose SA has always bothered me. For people who have seen the body before, then after it moved, fine, that makes sense. That’s obvious for guards who have lines like “Hey, who moved the body?” or something like that. It makes less sense for people who’ve seen it the first time. I mean, you could rationalise it to blood puddles or something, but since when have W.O.A NPCs ever cared about blood?

Well fuck around, aren’t I an ignorant putz. I’ve spent all this time arguing and griping about the phone. I thought the taser was only a KO item (which you would think considering that’s what tasers are for) and were only lethal if the subject was standing in water, and only an accident if they weren’t actually holding it at the time it went off in water. Comments I’ve read here and other places indicated that’s how they worked. That’s why I’ve never bothered.

Hell, with that, I don’t even need the phone. Yeah, it’s still a cool invention to disguise a lethal shock as a phone, but it’s still totally a top assassin move to give any lethally electrical item to a target and kill them with it. The fact that the taser is illegal and you have to avoid being seen using it is practically a non-factor, as it’s the same as poison and whatnot.

Jesus, I’m stupid sometimes, just like my namesake. While it’ll be fun to have back, if tasers are lethal period, and always register as accidents, I don’t need the goddamn phone.

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