ICA Electrocution Phone removed from HITMAN 3

Huh what a flip. Remember though that getting targets of main missions to pick them up is harder though, as most are no guards. I think the micro taser is picked up when the impact is heard. :thinking:

Still not an issue for me. But thanks for the heads up.

Somehow, I think I owe @Dribbleondo and @47saso47 a huge apology. Not necessarily for being right, but for giving them such unnecessary grief.

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If only guards pick up tasers, how is this not an issue for you?

You can’t take out the game’s regular targets with the tasers. Unless you’re using water. You won’t be able to give a taser to a target, seen or unseen, illegal move or not.

I’m just so confused by where we’ve gone with all this.

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I typically used the phone in contracts and, in rare cases, escalations. I didn’t normally use it in the main campaign because I had my methods down for story reasons. So I’ll use this in cases where guards are my target. I’ll have to limit its usage, of course, in that respect, but at least I can do it. Since the phone never came in and I didn’t know how tasers worked properly, I’ve been stuck with car batteries and tampered wires for any electrocution in H3. This widens the net a bit.

Ah. That clarifies things a bit. Word.

This is what I/we meant by “There are suitable alternatives.” :sob: Still, not THE same, but for any situation… There’s usually a workaround.

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Never understood how the ICA Electrocution Phone was any different than the player option to choose Casual difficulty (at least in regard to the singleplayer experience); if a player wants to cheese their way through, let them cheese their way through.

Yet another anti-player decision by IOI, but I can at least understand how it fundamentally “broke” leaderboards and elusive targets; though, I hate both of those and believe neither should exist to begin with. The WoA trilogy should’ve primarily been an offline singleplayer experience.


They need to make it so if you dial a phone a target picked up, he or she will just hand it over to a nearby NPC if one is around and tell them “You! Find out who that and if they’re selling anything tell them I’m not interested.”

And it is. All levels, missions, a good bunch of escalations, only the contracts that are featured and almost all unlockables are in Hitman 3.

Why remove items people had to grind countless hours to achieve.

Assumingly because it was unbalanced and removing it was easier than nerfing it.

And I can use the phone in Hitman 2, what if I wanted to use it on the Berlin level? No excuse.

Hitman 2 did not promise you to use the phone on an unannounced map.
I also miss the second Breaching Charge from H2016. But because I as a single player are not the main focus of the developers, I realize I can not conclude some kind of demand about it. Only to express my disappointment.

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I think making it a ko accident item would have been way better.

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